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The LG SIGNATURE products see form meet function with award-winning results.

‘Each LG SIGNATURE product should be regarded as the most thoughtful of gifts,’ explains Torsten Valeur, LG SIGNATURE’s home appliance designer. ‘When you receive a perfect gift, it feels like it has been chosen just for you, by someone who understands who you are.’

This philosophy of generosity and consideration inspired the design team to think about themselves as ‘one single excellent person’ instilling a feeling of diligence and pride into delighting customers in the purest way possible.

The same aesthetic – the domestic appliance rendered as beautiful, uncompromised, functional art – is represented across the LG SIGNATURE products.

With an architecture intelligently realised to remove all elements that distract from viewing and listening, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W is the very essence of the 21st-century viewing experience. Featuring an ultra-thin screen that can be installed flush to the wall, it comes with Cinema HDR, Dolby Atmos object-based sound and all connectivity neatly housed in a hub.

Its LG OLED pixel technology, combined with the AI ThinQ and the α9 Intelligent Processor, create true-to-life images with incredibly rich colour, sharpness and depth to deliver the ultimate picture quality.

With its stainless steel construction, sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, and a light sensitive detector at the foot of the unit that opens the door with a simple step motion, the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator transforms the normally mundane task of food storage and preservation into an organisational pleasure.

The LG SIGNATURE TWINWash Washing Machine with Centum System has the brutalist proportions of a Rachel Whiteread sculpture, combining capability and ingenuity by washing two separate loads simultaneous, while the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is an ambient revitaliser that looks like premium hi-fi but washes inhaled air with a ‘breathing is believing’ proficiency that will revolutionise your home environment and respiratory system alike.

‘Our goal was to design LG SIGNATURE to represent the ultimate in elegant simplicity,’ says Torsten. ‘To accomplish this, every detail, right down to the materials themselves, has been carefully chosen. We wanted LG SIGNATURE to push boundaries, giving individuals the opportunity to see the functions of a product – a true design-driven experience.’