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Space whisperer

Art Direction

Interior designer Andrea Savage believes a house tells a story in the visual language of space, colour and form — from furnishings and lighting to the appliances.

An interior designer who designs and consults for corporations and private clients, Andrea Savage takes a different approach to designing and furnishing spaces. “My job is to balance the client’s needs without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of the room by considering the form, function and architectural elements that can come together to create a cohesive interior,” she says.

“I spend some time getting to know the clients, which enables me to create a truly bespoke interior where no detail has been overlooked. When it comes to the design aspect, it is important to decide on the most suitable look that is applicable to the space. This includes even the so-called mundane household necessities.”

As a partner at Design Intervention, she manages a sizeable team with business partner Nikki Hunt. Together, they work on various projects to create award-winning bespoke designs. Savage straddles running of the business with client liaison with ease.

“I am lucky as I have a great support system from both my colleagues and my family which allows me to multitask as I do now. At any one time, we have 15 or more projects running. We are working on some amazing apartments, commercial spaces and architectural designs!”

When choosing electronics for home or office spaces, it is important that they integrate seamlessly into the design. Savage explains, “For example, if you’re going for a modern minimalist look, you would want sleek and clean lines, ideally in a colour that works with an interior’s palette. They should be factored in from the onset to ensure they complement the design and electrical requirements are worked in.”

Savage, who has two children aged 3 years and 5 months, appreciates the LG SIGNATURE products that she uses at home and recommends to clients.

“The designs are sleek and sophisticated, and my favourite part is that each has been thought through with such detail. Additionally they are inspired by a heavenly theme — moon, stars, rain, and ice! I’ve been using them for a year. They are functional, aesthetically pleasing and energy-saving.

What’s not to love? For example, TVs in the past required a lot of carpentry to conceal wiring or stereo equipment. But now, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV features a picture-on-wall design and is so thin and elegant. Interior designers used to hide TVs but with this one, you can make it part of the decor!”

How do you assess
a space when designing?

We look at natural light and how it plays in the space at different times of the day, structural constraints, function, interior architecture, client’s brief and budget... basically all aspects. No design comes without its limitations. However, the end result should be cohesive, and nothing is considered in isolation.

How much of your
aesthetic is reflected in the spaces you design for clients?

We don’t inflect our personal aesthetic. We design for our clients based on their brief. We celebrate the personalities of our clients: Crafting homes that reveal their passions and aspirations.

We tell their story, not with words but through the visual language of space, colour and form, blending classic with contemporary, old with new, in unexpected ways but always with meticulous attention to the minutia. We dare to push the boundaries of design to achieve the space of their dreams.

Why did you choose to
furnish this space with the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV and Air Purifier?

I chose LG SIGNATURE because it is a premium brand. A lot of thought is given to every product’s design, form and function to ensure it blends seamlessly into an interior.

The OLED TV takes centre stage. It features a minimalist design and is less than 4-mm thin, but can make images look like wall art.

It has several smart features and stunning colour contrast. It supports most HDR formats including Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR by Technicolor which makes it great for viewing movies at home. The user interface is great. My client also uses it as an extra-large screen for business presentations and movie screenings.

Since having children, I have found huge appreciation for the Air Purifier! In terms of design, most are not very beautiful but this one is incredible; it has a gorgeous sculptural shape and complements any interior.

I also particularly love its rain view window for the relaxing scene of droplets against the window. That it keeps the air really clean at the same time is a bonus.

What else do you look for in electronic appliances?

Definitely some future tech. The LG SIGNATURE products have a SmartThinQ app that lets you control your appliances from wherever you are. Whether I’m busy working or playing with my kids, I can easily witch on or off the appliances at home with the app. It is very convenient and so forward-thinking.