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Style by design

Art Direction

Running a thriving fashion label takes up most of Beatrice Tan’s time and focus. So when it comes to home appliances, she looks for efficient, well-designed products that complement her peaceful retreat.

Every day is different for Beatrice Tan, founder of fashion brand Klarra.

“There isn’t quite a typical day; each day is different and exciting in its own way. Some days I spend sketching new silhouettes.

On other days I might be busy with the construction of the garments, fittings on the tailor dummy, drafting of paper patterns or working with original prints with designers. Add to this business development, operations, accounting and dealing with manufacturing! As the founder, I pretty much oversee everything.” Tan explains with a laugh.

“I studied business and finance at NUS. After graduation, I worked for a Swiss bank under its investment banking arm for a few months. At the same time, I was doing a few other jobs; I was very active in social media, writing a blog, and had the opportunity to work with multiple brands on lifestyle campaigns. I also modelled for a local fashion brand.

I quit my fulltime job after realising it wasn’t what I was looking for and I was burnt-out managing multiple things — hence, I left to concentrate on my blog. Half a year later, I set up a small business selling pre-loved apparel and sourced designs which did well. Then I started my own clothing label.”

The label is four years young and offers clean lines and quality fabrics for the modern woman.

“We believe in innovating and using fashion to improve others’ quality of life. Hence, apart from style and aesthetics, we place great emphasis and focus on versatility and functionality. All our designs are designed in-house by passionate creatives, and each design goes through a carefully thought-through process to ensure it is unique to the brand and extends the mileage of your wardrobe,” she adds.

Tan is an advocate of good design, innovation, technology, functionality and practicality.

“I apply this to both my office and my home. While the former is where I spend a lot of time fighting ‘work battles’, my home is my retreat from the hustle and bustle of work. It calms me. I’m getting married next year so I’m looking for a new home that caters to both of us with consideration for kids. As such, the appliances I select for my home must address my hectic and fastpaced lifestyle but also evolve with my needs after I get married.”

Her work in fashion means she also pays special attention to fabric care. That is why she loves the LG SIGNATURE washing machine.

Its TWINWash function allows you to wash two separate loads of laundry simultaneously or independently. “It helps me save time on laundry. It handles a main load of laundry while washing delicate fabrics that require special care in a separate drum. How brilliant!” she enthuses.

“I love how I can control the machine remotely with the app or program the washing with the remote control. I can be notified on the app when the laundry is completed without having to check on laundry’s progress. Saves me the hassle of having to take the stairs to check on laundry’s progress. It’s so convenient and efficient.

The Auto Dosing System is great too, as it automatically detects how much detergent I need depending on the load. I was always unsure of how much to pour in, but with this feature, it does it for me.”

The machine is equipped with a technology called Centum System, which helps minimise the tub’s vibrations during the wash cycle, thus reducing the noise level and improving durability.

“I am impressed with how the LG SIGNATURE has been thoughtfully made,” says Tan. “The designs are stylish and minimalist. They have also incorporated smart technology and innovative functions.”

What’s your
definition of a home?

It’s somewhere I feel the most comfortable and natural – a personal sanctuary. My home is part of my self-definition. Every single element and item I pick for my home is a reflection of myself.

What do you look for
when choosing products
for the home?

They are quite similar to Klarra’s core values: A clean and elegant style; functionality; quality; and practicality. These qualities are important to me.

Style or function?

Both for sure. I’m quite practical. Practicality also means ensuring the product is functional too. At the same time, I wouldn’t compromise on aesthetics. If a product can help me save time and adds great value, I consider it money well-spent.

Do you design a space
around your appliances?

As an owner and creative of a fashion brand, I’m quite particular about aesthetic. Space and appliances must fit well together.

How do you achieve that?

Go for elegance when planning the colour scheme and style. I believe in technology and efficiency. If the appliances are efficient and reliable, I have more time to focus on more important activities in life. That helps improve my quality of life.

What is an off-work day
like for you?

I’m at work 24/7! Weekends are a great time for me to catch up, realign and plan as there are fewer distractions. Weekdays are when I execute these plans. I do take breaks occasionally to let my mind rest. I enjoy meeting people, exploring new places with friends and loved ones for a good meal, shopping, reading, and watching Netflix.

What’s next for you?

Klarra will open its first flagship boutique in October or November. This is a milestone for the brand and a way to reach out better to our customers and offer them a more enjoyable experience. I’m so excited!