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Star designer Hadi
Teherani focuses on high-
tech as living concept

For a star designer, even household appliances are stylish design objects. But do they also inspire with user comfort? Hadi Teherani tells us about his one-year experience with LG SIGNATURE products.

Imagine the following scenario: A sophisticated apartment on the Alster in Hamburg with a stylish interior in a futuristic ambience - disturbed by trivial household appliances. Clearly, this is an absolute no-go for an award-winning architect and internationally sought-after designer: Hadi Tehrani's goal is to combine the highest functionality with elegant design.

In his private cosmos, every single piece of interior is precisely selected and there is a reason for this: "With a beautiful form, it's like looking into nature. You don't get tired of it - you can look at beautiful shapes every day without feeling a repetition effect," says Teherani.

When you enter his private, cosmopolitan apartment on the Alster in Hamburg, you are immersed in an ambience of perfect harmony, where even household appliances fit seamlessly into the living concept. This is exactly what convinced him of the LG SIGNATURE products, which he has been using for a year now.

But one thing should be put first: To subordinate the function to form is out of the question even for a passionate aesthete: "I couldn't use a device that is beautiful and elegant, but technically not up to date." No wonder that the LG SIGNATURE products has been in use for a year now.

No wonder he chose the modern LG SIGNATURE OLED TV , whose “christening” was celebrated at the World Cup: During the games Teherani enjoyed a sharp picture with rich black from every position with 35 guests in his two-storey living room. And the designer also appreciates the slim screen when it's off: As if breathed on the wall, it can hardly be distinguished from the stylish paintings in Tehrani's apartment.

Teherani relies on the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator as the heart of every party to cater for its guests. It goes without saying that the high-tech functions definitely contribute to the coolness factor of the product: the door can be opened contact-free by foot sensor and if you knock on the front, it becomes transparent and allows a view inside - without wasting energy: "Over time you get so used to not wanting to go to another Refrigerator anymore".

Such user comfort is just as important for Tehrani in everyday life as environmental protection. His Washing Machine enables him to do both: "For someone like me, who doesn't have a large household and really travels a lot, the TWINWash system offers the possibility of washing even small loads of laundry quickly without having to use the large washing drum.

Also and especially with regard to energy efficiency and time saving - i.e. the issue of sustainability - this is perfect. And in terms of ergonomics, the washing machine is simply wonderful: the round porthole is ideal for loading laundry. If you use the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash, it's like driving a luxury car where you don't even notice the damping. The device does its job so quietly that it doesn't bother you."

A perfect apartment in a (nearly) perfect metropolis? As great as his adopted home Hamburg may be - the city air is sometimes not. Teherani therefore no longer wants to do without the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier.

For the designer, this device - just like his three other LG SIGNATURE products - has now grown into the interior. After all, it is the harmonious combination that characterises the ambience: "Because something beautiful is simply harmonious in itself".