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Dr. Leslie Tay is a true
renaissance man

Art Direction

Widely regarded as one of Singapore’s best authorities on Singapore food, Dr. Leslie Tay shares how function and design are important when it comes to choosing home appliances.

Dr. Leslie Tay is a doctor who also happens to be an award-winning food blogger, author, photographer, chef and a TV host.

By day, Tay works as a family doctor. On his off time, he seeks out the best hawker food Singapore has to offer and documents them on his blog, ieatishootipost.

In doctor mode, Tay’s routine is fixed where he is usually at the clinic in the mornings and evenings while afternoons are spent blogging. It is also the time to prepare ingredients and cook dinner for the family. On weekends, it is family bonding time.

According to him, “a home is where you can relax, find love of the family and be around all your favourite things. So yes, my home is definitely a reflection of myself. A home is where the family gathers for meals and good food is being prepared and served. My kitchen is the heart of my house.”

Addressing how he will design a space around his choice of appliances, Dr. Leslie Tay explains that he creates his kitchen space in a triangular three-point of access where all the appliances are located within easy reach. 

His rule of thumb when choosing appliances for the kitchen is simple. “I look for quality, functionality and aesthetics.”

When pressed further on whether he prefers style or function, he answers without hesitation, “function is the most important. The appliances have to work well. There is no point in having something which looks good but cannot perform its function well. The best, of course, would be to have both style and function!”

Price is a factor that Dr. Leslie Tay deliberates on as well, though the function and quality of the product take precedence. Like the wise said, 一分钱一分货 (you pay for what you get). That said, he also takes into account the after-sales service and warranty. He will choose a brand which has the confidence to provide a longer warranty period.

It’s been a year since Tay has used the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator, which still looks pristine with no scratches or dents!

Dr. Leslie Tay believes that appliances play an important role in raising the standards of modern living. “Of course! Take for example how the refrigerator has been revolutionised since the 1800s to keep food at its freshest condition. For me, the kitchen hob is also another important daily appliance to cater to the preparation and showcasing food at its best,” he explains.

With the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, it is indeed a new level of freshness designed for the essence of taste.

“What I really love is the fact that it is about the same size as my last fridge but the volume is increased by a third! I have never had a fridge with such deep and sturdy shelves on solid rollers that closes silently before. I can arrange many more stuff on them than before. Much thought have gone into the design as the compartments are well-sealed and you can keep the raw from the cooked food without fear of contamination,” Dr. Leslie Tay adds.

Six key features are the Custom Chill Pantry with adaptable temperature settings to give you flexibility to store a wide range of foods;

Textured Steel Finish for the body and interior that is scratch-resistant; InstaView Door-in-Door with an illuminating glass panel with two quick knocks to see inside without letting cold air out;

Auto Open Door that gently opens the fridge door by placing your foot under the sensor at the bottom of the refrigerator;

Auto Open Drawer that prompts the drawers to glide out automatically for effortless access when you open the freezer doors and and Wi-Fi Eclipse Display and SmartThinQ app. that is packed with the latest features to let you monitor and control your refrigerator.

What do you look for
when outfitting a space
with appliances?

I look for functionality and whether it fits into my kitchen’s decoration and layout. I go for the stainless steel look for my kitchen appliances.

How has the LG SIGNATURE
refrigerator worked out for you?

It has worked out very well for me. I like the fact that the full stainless steel fridge is solid, well-made and air-tight to keep food fresh. The Fresh Air Filter feature with forced air circulation helps to upkeep the hygiene of the fridge by deodorising the internal air. I love the wide and deep drawers. I have never had a fridge with such drawers before.

What about the refrigerator’s
functions and design?

The thin walls of the fridge actually allows the interior area to be larger in volume. It can accommodate a third more as compared to my previous fridge of the same size. The huge clear drawers also make everything neater and more organised. The insulation is good too.

This fridge is always the centre of attraction when my friends visit.

The InstaView Door-in-Door mirrored glass panel always impress them. With two knocks, it illuminates inside, thus showing me what is inside without having to open the door! It makes it easier to look for what I want. With the Auto Open Door, I can now open the door through its smart sensor that can detect my feet at the bottom of the fridge.

It has definitely become the talking point for friends and family!

As a doctor and a food blogger, you must be very concerned about food hygiene when storing and handling. How do you think the fridge has addressed your concern(s)?

Definitely. The fact that I don’t need to open the door unnecessarily, means less temperature fluctuation and so the food in the fridge is kept fresh for longer.

I really love the Custom Chill Pantry feature. I keep all my raw food in there which separates it from the cooked food and because it is closed drawer, the temperature inside is kept constant even when the fridge door is opened.  I have a peace of mind that my wagyu steak is going to be kept in the most pristine condition until I am ready to cook it!