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Pure high-tech:
Michalsky's private
studio is so futuristic

Design and household don't fit together? Wrong thinking: With star designer Michael Michalsky, futuristic high-tech appliances take over the household - and even look bombastic.

"Because design is so important to me, it's also important to me how other things look that aren't directly related to fashion," says Michael Michalsky. But what else can a star designer be impressed by? Something that we least expected: Design in the household. Visiting his Berlin studio, he shows us his high-tech appliances from LG SIGNATURE.

He is particularly taken with the futuristic stainless-steel refrigerator: "With its flawless, minimalist style, it offers smart and sophisticated functions that you may never have experienced before. It starts with a double knock on the glass front, which automatically illuminates the inside of the fridge."

Michalsky is particularly enthusiastic about the motion sensor at foot level: "I think it's especially great - if you have both hands full - that the refrigerator opens without you even having to touch it. It's a bit like 'open sesame' and I think it's cool."

As one of the most influential German fashion designers, Michalsky focuses on "class instead of mass". In 2009 he created the agency "MICHALKSY designLab", which successfully realises orders for high fashion and interior design.

Since 2016, he has been looking for young talents with a flair for trends on the jury of Germanys Next Top Model alongside Heidi Klum. It goes without saying that the fashion designer does not own a small wardrobe privately either. After work, just wash two loads at the same time?

With the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash, this can be done without disturbing the neighbors - and Michalsky washes exactly when he wants:

"You don't even notice the machine - it's totally silent." At the same time, two drums ensure that there is more time for the beautiful things: "Of course you can do twice as much laundry in the same time." And fabric care is particularly important to the designer: "In the separate mini drum I can clean even the most sensitive garments without straining them."

With the LG SIGNATURE products, high-tech and household, design and function merge in a playful way in Michalsky's studio - and are under Michalsky's most important credo, which he reveals to us at the end of our visit:

"From my point of view, form follows function is the non-plus-ultra when it comes to design and aesthetics". And where could that be more beautifully combined than in devices that make everyday life easier for us?