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Elegant and functional:
Munich industrial designer
Stefan Diez

Elegance shows itself in the refinement to dispense with everything superfluous and to devote oneself to the essential. Whether an aesthetically pleasing product is also functionally well thought-out is shown in daily use.

Hardly anyone knows this better than Stefan Diez. So we gave the shooting star among the industrial designers the LG SIGNATURE collection for a practical test. One year later we ask: Has it proven itself?

The floating television

Stefan Diez speaks of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W, which is hardly recognizable as a television. The W8 model rises less than four millimetres from the wall, almost as if it were floating in space. "Most of our presentations are on the LG SIGNATURE TV."

This is also the reason why his employees stay longer in the evening. If the Champions League gets really exciting, says Diez, "we do football evenings here in the studio and the whole team sits in front of the screen". Even if the game isn't brilliant - the picture is.

Washing machine as easy as pie

Just as integrated as the LG SIGNATURE Television in Stefan Diez's daily work is the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine in his private life. Both are closely connected: From the Munich studio to his apartment are just a few steps.

The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is so quiet that the Diezens can chase through their laundry even at night. The user guidance is so intuitive, "even my children have no fear of touch". But too much detergent poured in? Diez shakes his head: "This prevents the auto-dosing function."

The most beautiful detail for him, however, is the small drum in the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine at the bottom, extra for hand washing. Diez rinses his running clothes briefly after jogging.

When the refrigerator door
opens by itself

When Diez is driven into the kitchen by hunger after running, the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator is there. "The details in particular are often quickly forgotten because they become so self-evident."

This applies to the foot sensor, with which the refrigerator door opens gently and without contact, as well as to the door-in-door function. "We used it, for example, to store the milk for the coffee in the compartment." Without opening the large, heavy door every time. Diez: "It's a lot of fun to see engineers and designers thinking so much about the details."

With its own aesthetics, the LG SIGNATURE products want to be placed in the room - and celebrated. Elegance may be reserved, but it has no reason to hide.