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Simplicity. Perfection.


The viewing experience,
distilled and refined
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front side view of lg signature oled tv g8
lg signature oled tv g8 hung on the wall in the living loom showing clear forest infill image on its screen
Floating piece of art
This LG SIGNATURE OLED TV's revolutionary thin display in sheer glass mirrors a floating picture. The refined one-glass screen together with α9 intelligent processor and LG ThinQ AI delivers an incredible viewing experience.
bottom part of ultra thin display of lg signature oled tv g8 and front side view of its sound bar
LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is designed to be one with the single bended glass. Its exquisitely crafted one-glass design contributes to the sculptural design with the incomparably thin, lightweight OLED display and the speaker with unique design attached.
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lg signature oled tv g8 hung on the wall in the living loom emphasizing how its screen expresses color contrast wel with vivid infill image

PERFECT BLACK. Stunning contrast.

PERFECT BLACK brings out the vast contrast that bring many possibilities. This level of stunning contrast adds depth to all colors, reveals details, and textures of images for the cinematic experience.

close shot of alpha9 intelligent processor of lg signature oled tv g8

The brilliant brain α9 Intelligent Processor

α9(Alpha9) Intelligent Processor is optimized for LG OLED TV. Clarity with exquisite detail, vibrant color and more depth is presented on every image with α9 Intelligent Processor.

side view of lg signature oled tv g8 hung on the wall emphasizing its hdr dolby atmos and dolby vision
4K Cinema HDR,
delivering the
filmmaker's vision
LG's 4K Cinema HDR delivers the filmmaker's vision by supporting most HDR formats. Enjoy a truly cinematic experience at home with Dolby Vision™ and Advanced HDR by Technicolor, as well as HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.
  • HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro is LG's own proprietary HDR solution which process HDR signal dynamically frame by frame using enhanced dynamic tone mapping.
Dolby Vision™ preferred by major Hollywood studios
Dolby Vision™ is the most popular and advanced HDR solution. It delivers cinematic experience the creator intended by optimizing the picture frame by frame.
Technicolor - Hollywood color expertise in your home
LG OLED TVs are being used by Technicolor as consumer reference displays in the production of home delivery versions of major Hollywood movies and television content, enabling users to enjoy premium viewing experiences.
A source of inspiration to Hollywood filmmakers
"I see all these details in the bright highlights that aren't there in any other format." - Tim Miller
"I tend to use the LG OLED as now the standard of what we're going to try to achieve." - Rob Legato
Enhanced HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro
HDR10 and HLG are rendered with LG's proprietary algorithm. All types of content are displayed with striking brightness from applying dynamic tone mapping on a frame by frame basis.
a girl standing closely in front of lg signature oled tv g8 screen tying to utilize ai programm
meets AI
LG SIGNATURE OLED TV G8 Meets Artificial Intelligence.
lg signature oled tv g8 hung on the wall with its screen turned on with vivid scene and dolby atmos mark on the bottom of the right
lg signature oled tv g8 hung on the wall with its screen turned on with vivid scene and dolby atmos mark on the bottom of the right

Dolby Atmos® cinematic sound at home

Dolby Atmos® creates powerful, moving audio that seems to flow all around you, even the space overhead, capturing the movement of every object. With Dolby Vision™ it creates a truly cinematic experience.
  • Dolby Atmos® and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Vision™ is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.

Dolby Atmos® transports you to an environment with moving audio that flows all around you giving breathtaking realism.

lg signature oled tv g8 in the middle of the room emphasizing its harmonious infusion with the living space

Assimilated with your living space

This one-glass screen design assimilates naturally with its surroundings. The combination of sculptural design and amazing picture quality enriches your life.