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Refrigerator Crafted for refined

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Preserving the essence
of flavor

The kitchen is much more than a workspace.
It should reflect your lifestyle through refinement and
convenience. We at LG SIGNATURE are changing the
kitchen paradigm with a refrigerator that preserves the
natural essence of flavors for utmost freshness and
luxurious living.

Montage of the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator featuring full product images as well as zoomed in shots of the Door-in-Door feature and Auto Open Door sensor.
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What makes for a refined kitchen experience?

  • Centum System icon

    Centum System

  • FRESHShield™ icon


  • InstaView DOOR-IN-DOOR icon


  • Auto Open Door icon

    Auto Open

Centum System

Discover the art of efficiency

The Centum System™ is the heart of the
LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator. With a low-noise,
highly energy-efficient Inverter Linear Compressor,
it's the secret to market-leading efficiency that
you can enjoy day after day.

*20-year warranty available in select European countries.

Digital rendering of the inner mechanics of the Centum System at work.

*20-year warranty available in select European countries.

A close-up zoom through various kinds of fresh produce.
LINEAR Cooling

The secret to longer-
lasting freshness

Thanks to the Inverter Linear Compressor,
LG SIGNATURE Refrigerators reduce temperature
fluctuations to within 1 degree, even when the
door is open, increasing energy efficiency and
keeping your food at its best for longer.


Keeps it cool,
keeps it fresh

A blast of cold air is automatically released
from ducts located at the top of the fridge,
helping to keep it cool and fresh.

Fresh Filter

Say goodbye to
unpleasant odors

Keep the air inside your fridge fresh with
the Fresh Air Filter. The dedicated fan gently
circulates air through the carbon deodorizer
which removes odors for increased freshness.

View of the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator with doors open showing the contents of the fridge with cold gusts of air.
A close-up of the Fresh Filter located inside the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator.
Custom Chill™ Pantry

Customize to match
your tastes

Proper storage begins with the proper temperature. With quick,
customizable settings, you can store a range of different ingredients,
including meats and fresh produce, at just the right temperature.

Meat and deli goods shown stored in the Custom Chill Pantry with the selection panel lit up to match the contents.


Premium textured steel gives the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator its luxurious and durable finish.
It's what makes this a kitchen centerpiece that will stand the test of time.

A close-up of the textured steel exterior finish and raised LG SIGNATURE logo.

A timeless finish

A sleek black diamond glass window provides a unique and classy finishing
touch to your kitchen.

An overhead view of the black diamond glass inset door on the right-hand door of the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator.

Tap into extra freshness

Simply knock twice on the InstaView glass panel to see inside your fridge
without opening the door, preventing cold air loss and preserving freshness.

A hand raps twice on the InstaView glass to illuminate the interior contents of the refrigerator.

A step forward in convenience

Just step on the projected "Door Open" light and the fridge door will swing open,
giving you easy access even when your hands are full.

A person steps up to the projected "Door Open" light on the ground, prompting the refrigerator door to open.

Your favorites in easy reach

Restock your freezer with ease thanks to the Auto Open Drawer which
automatically glides out when the freezer door is opened.

The LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator freezer door opens and drawers slide out automatically.
Platinum Fresh Wall

Premium materials,
inside and out

The inner walls of the refrigerator are crafted from
high-quality stainless steel that keeps the air cold
and offers a premium interior to your fridge.


An illuminated view

Clearly see what's in your fridge thanks to
premium LED under-shelf lighting.

A close-up of the interior shelves and stainless steel interior of the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator.
The interior shelves shown with LED lights illuminated from the underside of the shelf.
The LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator on a black background with a drop down list of product specifications below it.



  • Dimensions
    35 7/8"X 70 1/4" X 36 1/2"
    912 X 1,784 X 929mm
  • Weight483 lbs
    219 KG
  • Refrigerator Capacity18.80 cu. ft.
    532.4 L
  • Freezer Capacity12.00 cu. Ft.

  • No. of Shelves4 Split (2 slide out + 2 fixed)
  • Cantilevered ShelvesYes
  • Shelf ConstructionTempered Glass with LED Light
  • Crisper Bins2 (Soft close)
  • Glide N'Serve DrawerYes (Soft close)
  • Temperature Control PantryDigital Control
  • Easy Reach BinsYes (Full width)
  • Refrigerator LightLED (Ceiling and shelves)
  • Auto Open DoorYes
  • LUMIShelf™Yes

  • Door TypeSide Swing
  • Drawers6
  • Auto Open Door
  • Freezer LightLED
  • No. of Door Bins/
    6-2 Piece (Clear)
  • Freezer HandlePocket Handle

  • Door AlarmYes
  • Multi-Air Flow™ SystemYes
  • Shelf Linear CompressorYes
  • SmartDiagnosis™Yes
  • DeodorizerYes
  • Noise Emission41 dB
  • Multi-Air FlowYes
  • LampLED
  • Ice Dispenser(Cube Ice)Yes
  • Refrigerant600a
  • Freezing Capacity (kg/24hr)7.5kg/24Hr
  • InstaViewYes
  • Temperature ControlsElectronic/Digital

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