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Meet LG ThinQ

Meet LG ThinQ Live the AI life

Now is the age of AI technology, and LG is leading the way with ThinQ,
a new brand of various products which are integrated with AI functions and services.
With AI technology, we are aiming to bring real-world benefits that would enhance your daily life
and by effortlessly interconnecting various products around you, LG ThinQ could do just that.

LG ThinQ branded products can share and study information between themselves to execute things as you would
and to provide answers you need right at the moment.

By interacting with you daily, LG ThinQ products could better understand your usage pattern and offer you experiences
more tailored to your lifestyle, as so you can spend less time on tedious chores and spend more time on what matters most to you.

  • The more you use LG ThinQ,
    the more it understands you. LEARN MORE

    For a deeper understanding Constantly Learning

  • LG ThinQ is there for you in every moment. LEARN MORE

    For a seamless AI experience Extensive Product Lineup

  • LG ThinQ is ready to cooperate. LEARN MORE

    For a better solution Openness to Cooperation

LG ThinQ Lifestyle LG ThinQ is designed with everyone in mind.

Experience the new life people live with LG ThinQ in their life.

LG ThinQ Products

    Listen. Think. Answer. LG OLED TV embraces AI(Artificial Intelligence) the new way to watch TV. With voice recognition, you can intuitively control TV without complicated steps. It also searches for information or content that you need.
    This is LG ThinQ.
  • LG Thinq Speaker
    Experience a "self-learning" AI speaker that seamlessly connects to any appliance using voice commands.
    This is LG ThinQ.
  • LG G7
    Experience a smartphone which interacts with a simple click, operating on custom commands to understand and perform tasks you ask.
    This is LG ThinQ.
  • LG V35
    Experience a smartphone with a camera that automatically identifies objects and adjusts for the perfect shot every time.
    This is LG ThinQ.
  • LG InstaView
    Experience a refrigerator that revolutionizes food management with an AI that learns and grows with you.
    This is LG ThinQ.
    Experience a laundry machine that recommends the optimal wash cycle for you based on type of garment and stain.
    This is LG ThinQ.
  • LG CordZero R9
    Experience a robot vacuum that defines every space clearly with automatic spatial learning.
    This is LG ThinQ.

Product features and specs may vary across regions


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