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LG Showcases its Dynamic LG ThinQ Tech in Premium Villas

A Glimpse into Home Life Transformed by the Innovative Technology of LG ThinQ


Seoul, Feb. 27, 2020 — LG Electronics (LG) has partnered with Morocco’s premium real estate company, Yamed, to work on the Terre Oceane project and demonstrate its dynamic LG ThinQ tech-enabled appliances in premium villas.

LG’s state-of-the-art appliances – including the OLED and NanoCell TVs, InstaView™ refrigerators, and TWINWash™ laundry machines – are placed throughout two beautiful model villas, Villa Aura and Villa Helia, currently listed by Yamed. Potential buyers will not only browse their dream homes, but also glimpse into what home life could be like with the lifestyle-enhancing smart appliances equipped with clever LG ThinQ technology. Villa buyers will also receive a special 20% discount if they decide to purchase an LG ThinQ appliance and bring this leading AI technology into their everyday routines.

With LG’s OLED and NanoCell TVs, users can enjoy the amazing quality of 4K Cinema HDR and Dolby Atmos sound while receiving personalized recommendations that have revolutionized the home entertainment scene. Watching the television becomes an entirely new experience with LG TVs’ proactive AI features that allow users to sit back, relax and discover their next favorite movie or TV show instead of wasting time and effort endlessly searching and finetuning the TV’s settings.

Laundry has never been so efficient thanks to LG’s TWINWash™ laundry machine, especially its TrueSteam and TurboDry features that maximize performance within a sleek tempered glass door design. Moreover, the LG TWINWash™ is capable of Smart Diagnosis and troubleshooting made easy through the LG ThinQ App, ensuring the best possible results without any hassle.

In the kitchen, LG’s InstaView™ plays a central role with its helpful Hygiene Fresh+ filter and Moist Balance crisper to keep food fresher for longer. The efficient InstaView feature not only reveals the contents inside with a simple knock, it also minimizes energy consumption for your home and the environment. Furthermore, both InstaView™ refrigerators and TWINWash™ laundry machines can be easily monitored and controlled through the owner’s smartphone, creating a fully connected intelligent home.

Last month, LG held a press conference to announce its new and exciting partnership with Yamed. A total of 25 influential media outlets, including Grazia and Le Temps, attended the event which featured presentations and demos of the aforementioned LG ThinQ products.

From this February to March, popular design and lifestyle influencers will pay the villas a visit to provide new perspectives on how LG ThinQ can improve daily life by making our homes smarter via seamlessly connected appliances that are personal, proactive, efficient, and easy to use.

The interconnectivity between these outstanding products brings a unique sense of harmony to the home,

remarked Hicham Filali of Luxe Radio who attended the press conference. “I’d go as far to say it makes me want to buy the house myself.”

“With their elegant designs and handy features, LG appliances beautified our villas way beyond our expectations,” said Adil Seghrouchni, sales director at Yamed Promotion. “We are proud to hold this partnership with LG and look forward to working on similar projects through our next premium estate events.”