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LG ThinQ Home at IFA 2019


LG ThinQ, the company’s brand for intelligent devices, brings together AI products and services as well as those with Wi-Fi and IoT capabilities under a unified vision for an AI-based ecosystem. Embodying all aspects of the –

Evolve, Connect and Open strategy

LG ThinQ is ultimately about creating greater customer value, not by just simply installing AI products, but aligning the innovative products with the features of the space it is placed in.

LG studied the latest living space trends and analyzed what customers are looking for in their homes, coming up with three key ideas: Integrated and openness, personalized and segmented, and connectivity. At IFA 2019, LG recreated such living spaces – calling it LG ThinQ Home – to incorporate these ideas.

The LG ThinQ Home integrates the living room, kitchen and dining area into one open space, where all products from the refrigerator to TV are connected to deliver an all-in-one experience (GLK).But this does not stop it from providing a personalized experience, customized to each family members’ lifestyles (Home Office & Home Cinema), and segmented spaces provide expert services (Styling room & Laundry Lounge). The AI platform installed on these devices allows the product to learn what users want and independently adjusts settings to serve those needs.

For example, the Great Living Kitchen (GLK) can be turned into an wide, integrated space for family and friends to enjoy a party once the LG SIGNATURE OLED R is rolled down. The LG XBOOM AIThinQ speaker controls multiple appliances at a time with just one voice command.

"Hey Google, start the wine party mode”

will automatically dim the lights in the Home Bar and turn the lights on in the wine cellar. You can check the temperature of the Red wine section, make the robot cleaner start cleaning, and activate the air purifier all by simple voice command. The LG CordZero R9ThinQ robot vacuum cleaner cleans with an AI that understands your house. The 3D Dual Eye in the front intelligently scans and studies the space, and thoroughly cleans every corner without bumping into any obstacles. It is equipped with Smart Inverter Motor that rotates super-fast, providing a powerful suction power.

Another main product of GLK is the LG InstaViewThinQ refrigerator that connects and controls other LG ThinQ product in the home, enabling an opened kitchen without being limited by traditional spatial boundaries. From recommending recipes to controlling other devices such as preheating the oven to the right temperature, everything will be connected via LG InstaViewThinQ.

The LG TV with LG ThinQ situated in the GLK heightens picture and sound quality through automatically responding to various environmental factors. The TVs offer AI services from several platforms without having to use multiple devices. It also provides conversational voice recognition and is able to understand context, allowing it to understand relatively complex requests, meaning users won’t have to make a series of repetitive commands to get the desired results. An intuitive Home Dashboard that makes it possible to control a wide variety of smart home devices directly from the TV. Users can use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Built in AI without additional devices. In Addition, LG ThinQ provide even more convenience. The TVs are compatible with Apple HomeKit and Airplay, LG will give iOS-device users the ability to stream content directly from their iTunes account to an LG’s TV.

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