• When entering the car, I take off my shoes and put my coat in the 'LG Styler'. I sit on a chair to do my work, and when I'm tired, I lie down on a recliner and relax while listening to waves crashing. After waking up from a peaceful nap, I make myself a cup of coffee or take a drink out of the refrigerator. When I'm done, I select a movie I want to watch and order food to eat at home. I can also work out inside my car and take care of my health. By the time I am done with all these tasks, I have arrived home.

    That was Mr. Kim’s day. By now, you must be familiar with him and his life.

    The amazing thing is that everything that we have just mentioned to you, can all be done inside a car! Isn’t that fabulous? Today, we will guide you through our future self-driving concept car, 'LG Omnipod', a vehicle that transforms into a living space and much more.

LG Omnipod image LG Omnipod mobile image
│ (Image Source: Live LG Play YouTube Channel)
  • ‘LG Omnipod' Preview - (1) LG Electronics Home Appliances Inside!

    When we step into the ‘LG Omnipod’, ‘Reah’, a virtual human, greets us and welcomes us into the car. She immediately recommends that we put the clothes and shoes that we wore throughout the day into the 'LG Styler' and the shoe compartment in the car’s back seat. It can remove the dust on our clothes and sterilize and deodorize our shoes while the car drives itself to our destination. When getting in and out of the car, we don't have to worry about getting the floor dirty because a vacuum robot inside the car cleans the floor without any help!

LG Omnipod Styler shoe manager and vacuum robot image LG Omnipod Styler shoe manager and vacuum robot mobile image
│ From the left, LG Omnipod’s Styler, shoe manager, and vacuum robot (Image Source: Live LG Play YouTube Channel)
  • ‘LG Omnipod’ Preview - (2) Working in a Car? The Car Office Era!

    Following the spread of the "home office" due to COVID-19, the "car office" era is now expected to grow in market size. If we move to the driver’s seat of the ‘LG Omnipod’, we can see a monitor equipped with a large dashboard and a LG Electronics display. As the driver’s seat changes to an 'office zone', we can work in an optimized work environment while the car is driving itself. This allows us to use our time efficiently.

LG Omnipod driver’s seat image LG Omnipod driver’s seat mobile image
│ LG Omnipod driver’s seat (Image Source: Live LG Play YouTube Channel)
  • ‘LG Omnipod’ Preview - (3) A Movie Theater inside Self-Driving Cars!

    We can also relax while watching a movie after work. When we sit in the recliner, located in the back of the car, we can select a movie from the list and prepare the ceiling, walls, and floor, which is equipped with crystal clear screens, for our movie night. When watching movies, we might actually feel like we are in the movie.

LG Omnipod Movie Theater image LG Omnipod Movie Theater mobile image
│ (Image Source: Live LG Play YouTube Channel)
  • ‘LG Omnipod’ Preview - (4) No Need to Worry about Long-Distance Driving!

    Long-distance driving or traffic jams can cause our bodies to stiffen up. With ‘LG Omnipod’, we can move around inside the car comfortably without having to worry about our health. The ‘LG Omnipod’ has a high ceiling which allows us to walk around without having to bend down and a recliner that fully reclines for a comfortable nap. We can even work out when we turn on the 'Fitness Mode' function. So, I guess we don't have to worry about long-distance travel anymore, right?

  • ‘LG Omnipod’ Preview - (5) Heal My Body

    By setting the screen to ‘Camping Mode’ or ‘Ocean Background’, we can relieve the fatigue and stress that has accumulated throughout the day. We can enjoy the peace and zone out whilst watching a bonfire inside the ‘LG Omnipod’. We can also meditate by listening to the waves crashing. Stop what you’re doing and just kick back and listen to the bonfire and wave sounds!

LG Omnipod Camping Ocean Background image LG Omnipod Camping Ocean Background mobile image
│ (Image Source: LG Group YouTube Channel)
  • ‘LG Omnipod’ Preview - (6) A Mini-Fridge and a Wine Cooler?

    A mini-fridge and a wine cooler add a cozy atmosphere like a ‘home bar’. When you are not driving, why don’t you take some time to take a breather with a nice glass of wine stored in your cooler? While you are transporting to the next location, you can grab a drink from the mini-fridge and enjoy the freedom and luxury of this new vehicle.

LG Omnipod Mini-fridge image LG Omnipod Mini-fridge mobile image
│ (Image Source: LG Global YouTube Channel)
  • ‘LG Omnipod’ Preview - (7) Food Delivery Is Also Available!

    While we are in the car, we can also order food. You can ask ‘Reah’, our virtual human, to order a dish that you are craving at the moment to your home, and she will order the food according to your arrival time. When you arrive home, the food that you have ordered will be waiting for you at your doorstep, and you can enjoy a hot meal.

LG Omnipod Food Delivery image LG Omnipod Food Delivery mobile image
│ (Image Source: Live LG Play YouTube Channel)
  • The Self-Driving Car - the ‘LG Omnipod’ that adapts to a User's Lifestyle

    The ‘LG Omnipod’ is not only a simple ‘mobile vehicle’ but also a personalized space that can be freely used like one’s home or office. It can be used as an office space for work or as a personal space where one can enjoy various entertainment (watching movies, exercising, camping, etc.). The big advantage of the 'LG Omnipod' is that it is not a single space, but a space that can change according to each person's taste or situation at that given time.

LG Omnipod adaps to a user's lifestyle image LG Omnipod adaps to a user's lifestyle mobile image
│ (Image Source: Live LG Play YouTube Channel)
  • Above all, the ‘LG Omnipod’ is a self-driving car that combines LG Electronics' strengths, such as home appliances, displays, and automobile technologies. It is also a place where one can learn and experience the essence of LG technology.

LG Omnipod LG Electronics technology image LG Omnipod LG Electronics technology mobile image

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