Better Workplace

  • An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. This is the reason why we need to walk together to save the planet and to live better lives.

    LGE believes that the value of ideas on sustainability maximizes when they are shared with people around us. The company also knows that growing together with our suppliers is the right path we need to take.

    As a global company, we pursue symbiosis with the suppliers, rather than partnership, by continuously managing potential risks that may arise in the supply chain and creating safe working environments.

    For ‘better us’, LGE will establish the strictest standards and move forward together so that every member within the supply chain can grow.

    4) Strengthening supply chain ESG risk management

    LGE will increase the inspection of production sites and foster experts at each worksite to maintain the management standards required by international norms. By bolstering the ESG risk management of its suppliers, the company will establish a safe and systematic supply chain system.

    • Acquire/Maintain Health and Safety management system(ISO 45001) certification for all production sites
    • Achieve 100% ratio of Production sites with no critical non-conformance(based on RBA audit requirements)
    • Keep the proportion of high risk at 0.5% or lower for suppliers' self assessment factors