Better Society

  • Our employees that have gathered to achieve LGE's vision of ‘No.1 LG’ are well-aware that everyone’s uniqueness that comes from a variety of tastes and choices leads to diverse thought processes and rich innovative experiences.

    LGE employees understand and embrace each individuals’ differing and distinctive characteristics, and learn and grow together. Such flexibility in thinking serves as a foundation for a creative and innovative organization culture.

    The organizational culture of LGE, that is based on diversity and inclusivity is evolving into a better work environment for the employees. We look forward to seeing this evolve back into a strong driving force for the growth of LGE.

    5) Organizations that grows with a foundation of diversity

    LGE will expand recruitment to bolster the nurturing of female talent and train female leaders and experts. We will advance from there to provide more opportunities for the disabled through the standard workplace for the disabled (Hanuri) and the expansion of the company's employment of the disabled.

    • Achieve 3.5% ratio of disabled persons in employment(Korea)
    • Achieve 20% ratio of female employees(Korea)