Better Access

  • When developing new products, LGE listens to various opinions from a diverse group of people, including the elderly and children, as well as the disabled and non-disabled to advance our technology.
    Even in the service environment where our products and customers meet, we try to eliminate blind spots in service by considering various situations and circumstances.

    Universal design that everyone can easily use―LGE will continue to build itself as a company with products that are convenient for everyone through people-centered and in-depth contemplation on inclusive designs.

    6) Developing products/ services that are convenient for everyone

    LGE will equip all product groups with accessibility features and universal design so that anyone will not feel any discomfort during their use, and will implement a specialized manual for the disabled. The company will advance from there to provide a more authentic customer experience by building a barrier-free service environment from the customer's point of view

    • Incorporate accessibility features and universal design into all product lines(by 2025)
    • Apply the manuals for use by people with disabilities for all products