Sustainable Workplace for All

  • As a member of the international community, LGE fulfills its responsibilities and promotes sustainable growth so that we can provide quality jobs in a manner that does not harm the environment. We strive to achieve employee satisfaction by creating a working environment where there is a work-life balance. By stabilizing a safety culture that can operate independently, we are striving to build a sustainable workplace. In addition, we continuously assess and manage risks that may occur in our supply chain and conduct training and support activities for our suppliers to prevent supply chain risks.

  • • Establish a safety culture at the highest level throughout the manufacturing process (Independent stage) by 2030

    Here at LGE, we established a goal of implementing a culture of safety wherein employees focus on their own safety as well as that of their colleagues. We have implemented various activities and systems aimed at achieving a safety culture capable of operating independently and at the highest level throughout the manufacturing process by 2030. In addition, we evaluate our safety culture index through interviews with the executive and employees as well as company-wide surveys, where we develop and manage items for improvement based on the results. We plan to increase our safety culture index from 3.3pts (out of 5.0pts) to 3.4pts in 2021. We will continue to establish a safety culture of the highest level in the manufacturing sector by pursuing various activities including 'leadership in action', 'increased employee participation', and ‘enhanced risk management system'.

  • • Reduce high-risks with supplier self-assessments 1.5% to 0.5% by 2030

    In order to enhance the sustainability of the entire supply chain, LGE identifies risk factors in advance and continuously strive to manage these factors and mitigate risk. With the goal of assessing CSR risks of all 1st tier suppliers and reducing the proportion of high-risk suppliers, we established a supplier CSR assessment process and continuously operate this for systematic CSR risk management. In addition, self-assessments are carried out by our major suppliers with an assessment sheet covering labor, human rights, safety, health, environment, and ethics. For our high-risk suppliers, we offer improvement measure through on-site assessments and consultations. Furthermore, CSR management training is provided for suppliers and overseas subsidiaries in order to strengthen their operational risk management capabilities so that suppliers can diagnose and manage CSR risk autonomously.

  • • Maintain full membership in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) by 2030

    LGE is managing the risks of labor, human rights, environment, ethics, and suppliers at all production sites on an ongoing basis. After joining the RBA in 2010, we established a 5-step CSR risk management process using RBA’s self-assessment tool. In particular, LGE manages CSR risk management processes in all productions sites under the supervision of the CSR team at the headquarters, and designates personnel responsible for CSR at each business site. In 2020, LGE conducted in-depth online self-assessments on 38 all production sites instead of on-site assessment due to COVD-19. CSR risks are continuously managed by reflecting the identified common risks in each corporate system and operation.