Balanced Growth

  • In order to contribute to the creation of an inclusive society, LGE pursues growth that promotes the coexistence of society and business and conduct various activities with this aim in mind. In particular, we create social value based on our technologies and solutions, and improve product accessibility through various products and services to enable customers to use our products more conveniently. We develop products that can be easily and conveniently used by anyone including people with disabilities, the elderly, children and pregnant women by applying accessibility and universal designs. In addition, as awareness around the themes of ‘eco-friendliness’ and ‘health care’ continues to increase among various social and environmental issues, we are expanding our line of health care-related home appliances and developing product solutions. Accordingly, we are able to provide eco-friendly products that combine our existing products with future-oriented technologies, ensuring a healthy lifestyle for our customers. In addition, we continue to carry out various social contribution activities centered on the themes of ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Future Generation: Youth’ aimed at promoting the balanced growth of the international community.

  • • Develop products that can be easily used by anyone by applying accessibility and universal designs.

    Here at LGE, we carry out various activities to ensure that socially disadvantaged people, such as people with disabilities, the elderly, children, and pregnant women, are able to use our products more conveniently. By considering accessibility from the product development stage, we ensure that they do not experience any inconvenience when using our products. In partnership with an advisory group consisting of organizations for people with disabilities, accessibility experts and law firms, we have held an advisory meeting every year aimed at improving accessibility since 2013. In 2021, we contributed to improving product accessibility by producing audio manuals and braille stickers for people with visual impairments. We develop technology for accessibilities in TVs that is specific to various types of disabilities, making it more convenient for people with disabilities to use these products.

  • • Ensure a customized and healthy lifestyle by combining future-oriented technologies that considers the society and the environment

    Here at LGE, we are constantly developing various health care products aimed at improving the health of our customers. In addition, we carry out various activities with a view to promoting the health of our customers by recognizing and sympathizing with the social and environmental problems they are facing. Going beyond simple product development, we support customers in developing healthy lifestyles through our continuous management and care services. Going forward, we will expand upon the central value of convenience with which we developed our existing products, by actively pursuing the value of establishing healthy living and working spaces, while presenting a future-oriented, customized healthy lifestyle that takes into consideration both society and the environment.

  • • Promote social contribution activities at all LGE business sites by 2030