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Our Approach

We will further our efforts to turn our CSR slogan, “Life’s Good with LG,” into reality in communities across the world.

With “Cooperating Toward a Better Life for All” as the vision for our social contribution initiatives, we strive to empower communities with 3 strategies

Technology that Cares

LG Electronics strives to create differentiated service value through our products and technologies and build a better life for every member of our society. As a global corporation with business operations throughout the world, LG Electronics strives to help communities and engage community members by developing and distributing products and technologies that address local issues, including social and environmental concerns. In emerging markets with high growth potential such as Asia and Africa, we implement initiatives that address the specific needs of each community, such as operating vocational schools, introducing mosquito away air conditioners, developing accessibility apps for the disabled, and building solar-powered hospitals. We will expand inter-departmental collaboration to create “technology that cares” and build a better life for all.

Trustworthy Partner

With “Life’s Good with LG” as our CSR slogan, LG Electronics actively engages and collaborate with stakeholders to identify local needs and develop effective social contribution initiatives. We also pursue partnerships with national and local governments to gain insight into local conditions, while expanding the impact of our social contribution initiatives through collaboration with organizations that have expertise in addressing local issues, including government agencies, local governments, International Organizations and NGOs. Based on the partnerships and mutual respect with stakeholders, LG Electronics will further our efforts to turn our CSR vision into reality in communities across the world.

Sharing and Comfort

In line with LG Electronics’ commitment towards social contribution, our employees are actively volunteering their time and talents for causes that help their communities. Guided by the Charter of Social Contribution established in 2005 and the LG Social Contribution Policy introduced in 2012 by LG Corp., we strive to create a corporate culture that encourages our employees to volunteer and practice the act of sharing, and support their efforts with a broad `range of policies and programs.