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LG Electronics' Social Contribution is pursuing to realize 'Life's Good' when you are with LG!

LG Electronics strives to deliver differentiated values for sustainable development of the humanity to meet the needs of local communities.


In September 2015, at the United Nations, 193 world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global commitment for the sustainable development of the humanity. Expected to serve as a roadmap to sustainable development by 2030, the future development framework is comprised of 17 goals and 169 targets covering a broad range of economic, social and environmental issues, and places a particular emphasis on the role of civil society including the private sector as well as expanded partnerships between stakeholders in achieving these ambitious goals.

Our Principle for Social Contribution

In order to honor the intent and purpose of the Sustainable Development Goals, LG Electronics reexamined and reestablished the principles that govern our social contribution efforts through intense discussions with our key stakeholders and management. Following these new guidelines, we will work towards expanding the impact and range of our contribution in addressing social issues, and, in the longer term, affecting positive and enduring changes in our communities. Going forward, LG Electronics will strive for “technology that cares, partnerships built on trust, and sharing that engages all" in order to contribute to improving the quality of life across the world.

LGE’s Chapter of Social Contribution (2005)

As a global company, LG Electronics fulfills its social responsibility by showing love for those who have dreams and contributing to making a better society where everyone can lead a happy life.

  • 1. LG Electronics actively supports those who strive to reach (realize) their dreams.
  • 2. LG Electronics operates its corporate citizenship programs by forming partnerships between labor and management, executives and employees, customers and local community citizens, and related NPO/NGOs.
  • 3. LG Electronics conducts its corporate citizenship activities from a long-term perspective.
  • 4. LG Electronics focuses on the areas of social welfare, education and cultural activities by means of sponsorship, financial aid and volunteer work.
  • 5. As a global corporate citizen, LG Electronics conducts its corporate citizenship activities wherever it does business.
LGE’s Social Contribution Framework (2016)
Graph showing the Goal, Focused area, Strategy of LGE’s Social Contribution.
LGE's New CSR Slogan