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Top Management Message

To Our Stakeholders :

This year is meaningful as LG marked its 70th anniversary. For the past 70 years, LG Electronics has been leading innovation within LG group and raising brand value by putting its customers first and standing by LG’s founding spirit of entrepreneurship. In order to continue to achieve sustainable growth, we aim to become “No. 1 LG that customers truly desire, unfaltering in spite of whatever crisis it is faced with.” And we will strive to implement sustainability management more systematically across our management activities. In particular, LG Electronics intends to focus on three initiatives so that it can fulfill its role of promoting health throughout the market as well the society as a healthy company on its own.

First, we will take “Profitable Growth” as an important pillar of our business in order to build a firm foundation for sustainable management. We are convinced that only through profitable growth can a company go beyond survival and keep on advancing year on year and accordingly we will dramatically improve the basic competitiveness of our business in a “complete different manner,” and we will shift our business method to generate profits by developing flagship products that bring new value to consumers, as well as further promoting premium brands.

We will link smart businesses to prepare for the future - such as IoT, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud businesses - with existing ones to advance them into new paradigms of business such as a robot business and we will also promote them as new future growth engines. In addition, we will actively utilize smart technology to gain a world-class manufacturing competitiveness by applying smart technology in production and manufacturing equipment as well.

Second, we will manage our businesses taking “Quality” and “Safety,” which are the most basic and important promises with our customers as a pillar of our business. We will always keep in mind that quality is the most basic and absolute commitment to building trust with our customers, taking the lead in establishing first-class quality and safety by engaging all our employees, and we will also encourage our suppliers to follow suit.

Finally, we will internalize and settle the ‘Winning Spirit to become No. 1’ and ‘Smart Working Culture.’ We believe that we have established our commitment to seeing the finish line of anything, whatever it takes, once we started off, and this passion and thirst for success is what I believe is the foundation of becoming No. 1.

Also, in the process of transformation, all of our employees will thoroughly stick to JeongDo management, which creates performance through fair competence, not expedient or luck by change. Only with these efforts given as a basis can LG Electronics take off as a company that is advanced year on year and respected by the society

LG Electronics will continue to grow with our customers through our journey of change, fulfill its social responsibilities as a global corporate citizen, and will be a company that can present the hope and vision for the future as a stepping stone for growth for our employees.

We look forward to your continued support and interest

Thank you.

May 2017
Vice Chairman and CEO
Seong Jin Jo

Seong Jin Jo