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Today, mobile devices are about more than just making calls and sending texts. Sure, we need access to the basics. But LG believes access to the advance features of smart phones and tablets is within reach. We invite you to explore all we are doing to ensure the most accessible mobile experience in the industry


If you are blind or have low vision, Google’s TalkBack service can help you control your device by reading your screen out loud. LG’s Color adjustment and Font adjustment features can also make your screen easier to read.


TalkBack is Google’s screen reader. It reads what’s under your finger when you touch the screen. It helps you navigate and control your device, even if you can not see it.


Screen color adjustment

LG Android smart phones and tablets let you adjust or even inert colors for a higher contrast. This can help you better see what’s on your display. You get the same view no matter what you’re seeing on your display—even with video—once you set your colors.


Touch zoom

Touch zoom helps you instantly enlarge what’s on your display by triple tapping.


Message / call voice notifications

When you receive a message or a call, it reads caller’s name or number and the content of message.


Font Size Adjustment

Font size adjustment You can enlarge the font on your screen to make it easier to read.



If you are deaf or hard of hearing, Visible Alert lets you know that you have a new incoming message or call. In addition, the Closed Captioning and Mono Audio features can help you enjoy your content depending on your situation.

Visible alert

LG Android smart phones and tablets let you know that you have a new incoming message or call by blinking the notification LED on the screen or the camera’s flash LED on the back.


Closed caption

Watch movies and TV shows with closed captions. You can customize the captions with different sizes and fonts.


Mono audio

If you have a hearing loss that inhibits stereo playback, you won’t miss any sound channels by combining both channels to play in each ear.


Physical and motor

The Knock On and Knock Code features give you an easier experience when you wake-up or unlock your LG devices. And Touch assistant help you easily access common actions.

Knock on

With a simple double-tap on the screen, you can wake up your LG Android smart phone or tablet and check basic information such as the current time.


Knock code

With your simple security-tap pattern on the screen, you can wake the device up and directly access your home screen without any additional unlock gestures.


Touch Assistant

For people who have difficulty using physical buttons and gestures, the Universal Touch feature provides a touch board with easy access to common actions such as Volume, Home, Power and gesture. In addition to the large buttons on the gesture board, additional actions can be called simply by drawing the first letter of the feature name.



With Touch Control Areas, a parent (or a teacher) of people who have cognitive or severe learning disabilities can switch their LG phone or tablet to a more focused, limited mode.

Touch control areas

A parent or teacher can restrict touch input areas on the screen with Touch control areas. This can help people who have a significant need to stay focused on the task at hand.