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Almost all of us watch some TV. For some of us, “watching” means listening with video descriptions.

For others, listening to the TV means reading along with the captions. And for some, controlling the TV means telling it exactly what we want it to do using voice controls. LG has you covered.


If you are visually impaired or have low vision, LGE products can help you control your device by reading your screen. And you can use the remote controller and the zoom-up function in the device to make your easier-to-read screen and use the remote controller.

Magic Zoom

enlarge parts of the TV screen by up to 500%


Audio Guidance

adjust the speed, volume, and pitch


Menu Transparency Control


Remote Controller

Mark a dot on #5 key of remote control

Put a dot on the below keys, aiming at finding each key easily for blind.

#5 , PLAY and ENTER keys

Guide dots of remote control

Mark dots besides of Power, POWER, Channel and Volume keys for blind people.

Mark points on Color key of remote control

Mark points on Color keys for color blindness. (Red:1 dot, Green: 2dots, Yellow: 3 dots, Blue: 4 dots)


Video Description

Provide voice description of video contents.


Clear Voice

Clear Voice automatically recognizes and enhances the volume of human voices to make them more audible against noisy background sounds.


Closed Caption

Provide the caption for broadcasting on TV or contents on TV through IP signal.


Physical and motor

Wheel Button

Using the wheel key of Magic remote, physical handicapped who cannot control Remote control easily are able to change the channel and browse web.


Voice Control Using Remote Control

Control the TV by user’s voice, change the channel, volume


Speed Control of Pointer

Adjust the speed of pointer at user’s convenience

Adjust The Size of Pointer

Enable to adjust the size of pointer for low vision


Voice recognition for search, dictation and natural language