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Health and Safety

LG Electronics takes worksite safety very seriously and pursues every possible precaution

to prevent accidents from occurring at its production sites and diligently prepares to handle emergency situations.

Health and Safety

LG Electronics receives regular consulting from professional agencies specializing in safety, fire prevention, environmental protection, energy, and production equipment to assess the safety and environment of production sites and R&D facilities. LG Electronics mapped the fire risks associated with business sites and made Fire Risk Index (FRI) based on advanced standards for disaster risk management including the FM Global standards and the NFPA Code. We assessed all Korean sites and overseas production subsidiaries against the FRI and made improvements where necessary.

Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate (LTIFR)
Overall avg. of Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate in Korea decreased from 2014(2.89) to 2016(2.67).
  • LTIFR: Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate (Number of lost-time injuries x 1,000,000) / (Total hours worked in accounting period)
  • Figures for overall average (Korea) and industry average (Korea) are based on data released by the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency. Industry here refers to the electronic product manufacturing industry