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Social ImpactWe make it our priority to be socially responsible in all areas, from society, to the environment, to culture.

3 girls practicing the recorder and a volunteer teacher listening at Shree Seti Devi School in Nepal

When all members of society feel supported, the future is brighter for companies. We prioritize creating value for society from the start of product development.

Social Contribution for Future Generations A brighter future for all, from future talent.

LG-KOICA Hope TVET College

photo shoot of Ethiopia LG-KOICA Hope TVET Collage graduation ceremony

The LG-KOICA Hope TVET College educates young people in Ethiopia to help them become independent. The school was opened in 2014 by the Ethiopian government, the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), and NGOs. The LG Dubai Service Center contributed its educational know-how, to help LG build a platform where students can take online classes. In 2020, 228 out of 239 students completed the classes, and 80% of beginner course students and 95% of intermediate course students completed the theory class.

Ethiopian youths in white hoods are practicing maintaining washing machines at LG-KOICA job training school

LG also set up Income Generation Activities (IGA) to help schools closed due to COVID-19. We continue to expand and develop our businesses into vocational training schools, providing the highest level of education. * You can find more details in Sustainability Reports.

Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities

event photo of 2022 LG Electronics Global IT Challenge for youth with disabilities

Since 2011, LG has initiated the Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities (GITC) to bridge the information gap among disabled youth and create a foundation for social advancement, like entering school and work. We keep trying to improve participating countries' knowledge of disabilities by holding forums on IT and disabilities.

a participant controlling a footmouse in 2022 LG Electronics Global IT Challenge for youth with disabilities

GITC is the world's only IT festival for disabled youth, overcoming barriers of disability, religion, culture, and nationality. Young people with disabilities (physical, hearing, vision, and development) from 20 different countries take part in four categories in the IT Paralympics.

Contributing to Local Communities We create inclusive societies that work in harmony with the local area.

LG Ambassador Program

photo of Ghanaians who participated in the LG Embasser program saying hello with a bright smile

Since 2017, LG has been running a contest to help local community issues in Bangladesh. Residents submit ideas to fix a local issue, and LG chooses one person to become an LG ambassador and receive support to solve the problem they raised.

photo of Kenyans who participated in the LG Ambassador program holding prize boards

We will keep providing solutions to residents concerned about the issues in the local communities. We expanded the LG Ambassador program to 5 countries in 2020 to give more people around the world a chance to change their community for the better.

Ethiopian Veterans' Housing Improvement

Ethiopian construction workers tearing down cracked walls for the Life’s Good: Hope Village campaign

LG launched a project to improve housing in a veterans' village in Ethiopia, with help from the Community Chest of Korea and Habitat. Between 2021 to 2023, with a 700 million won fund, we'll renovate homes of veterans and low-income families, build communal kitchens and toilets, and install drains and communal showers.

an Ethiopian house with cracked mud walls before being rebuilt through LG’s Life’s Good: Hope Village campaign

We also have a project to create toilets, drinking water facilities, and IT facilities in schools that veterans' families attend. Plus, we give youth and women practical ICT training, with the local LG-KOICA Hope TVET College. In particular, we provide detailed courses on CCTV repair and maintenance, which are in high demand locally. We hope these courses will contribute to higher household incomes.

We take our social responsibility seriously and act on it with communities together. We're working with people who dream of a more sustainable society.

LG Social Campus

photos of LG social campus participants on the stage

Since 2011, LG has been running LG Social Campus, a platform for financial, space, and growth support.

2 women are sitting at a table facing each other and putting post-it on the board

It also develops talent, so social economy companies in eco-friendly fields can grow sustainably. We choose eco-friendly social economic companies, support company incentives, and provide programs to strengthen company capabilities. We also support stable workplaces for social and economic ventures with potential growth. We help key talents and potential leaders to maintain a healthy social economy ecosystem in communities by creating a culture of social innovation, where local activists suggest ways to fix community issues.

ESG Academy

LG Electronics ESG College Student Academy 7th Completion Ceremony Photo

The ESG Academy for College Students is an annual program creating talent suited to the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) field. Since 2014, 230 people have completed the course. Students participate in lectures and mentoring and experience planning and practicing ESG activities.

LG Electronics ESG College Student Academy 7th members participating the game

They select works containing ESG messages or directly produce content and hold a photo exhibition to highlight or improve social issues. We share people with ESG by researching ESG activities of other global companies and studying best practices. We also explore and analyze environmental and social problems, present solutions, and promote social economy companies. LG will keep running the ESG Academy for College Students and provide generous support for future talents.

We share our progress to
encourage sustainability widely.

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