• Due to the pandemic, the market continues to be unstable and the business environment, daunting. Even in the face of this unprecedented situation, we were able to achieve our best performance ever in 2020 through extraordinary business acumen and sheer effort, continuing to expand our position as a brand trusted by customers. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our stakeholders whose interest and support have never wavered despite the difficulties, and to all of our employees who have continued to put their best foot forward despite the challenges.

  • First, we will create sustainable business results based on our fundamental competitive edge.

    Going forward, we will deliver results based on the fundamental competitive edge of our company, not temporary advantages created by external factors. To this end, our goal is to enhance the competitiveness of existing business based on our understanding of customers and upgrade our business portfolio by preparing for the future. In particular, we will target results that go beyond everyday innovation through DX (Digital Transformation) activities based on cutting-edge technologies. And we will remain committed to our philosophy of “change through growth and growth through change” by better understanding the sensibilities and values of our customers.

  • Second, we will make every effort to exceed customer expectations.

    At LG, customers are always at the center of everything we do. Prioritizing customer value begins by focusing on their pain points through which we are able to better understand our customers in order to create differentiated values through fresh methods. We strive to know our customers by knowing their lifestyles, values, and all aspects of their lives and needs. As one of the world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliance brands in the world, LG has unique customer insights that have yet to be applied to all its products and services. Ultimate customer satisfaction will require everyone at LG to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and view things from their perspective in every aspect of our business, down to the smallest detail.

  • Lastly, we will expand ESG management for a more sustainable future.

    We are fully committed to working with employees to create a more sustainable future by internalizing ESG management. This year, we aim to boost positive environmental value beyond just reducing our environmental footprint to expanding inclusive social values to more members of society. In addition, we will work toward building a rational and transparent ESG decision-making model in order to establish a culture of ESG management at LG.
    We will continue to listen to and hear all our stakeholders, which includes customers, suppliers, investors, local communities and employees, with the aim of working with our stakeholders to create more enhanced life values going forward.

CEO & President of LG Electronics
Brian Kwon
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