• Dear LG Electronics stakeholders,

    We would like to express our gratitude to all our stakeholders who have always cherished and supported our growth and development.

  • Last year, we achieved record-high sales by improving the competitive position of our flagship businesses, bolstering preemptive execution based on our mid-term goals, etc. This was all accomplished despite the disadvantageous business environment in which market volatility was increasing due to global economic recession, prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, and instability in the supply chain. Although difficult internal and external conditions are also expected to continue this year, we will accelerate preparations for the future and promote sustainable growth even more by stabilizing a firm market position for flagship businesses, continuously innovating its business models, and enhancing its business methods.

  • In particular, as we place customer value as the top management priority, we expand communication by establishing various contact points with customers and providing a differentiated customer experience through R&D in various fields. Going forward, we will continue to achieve true innovation by providing 'First of its kind, Unique, and New' experiences.

  • For the past few years, we have been pursuing sustainable development by creating meaningful results in various fields inside and outside the company by embracing the opinions of various stakeholders and internalizing ESG management. Notably, we established its mid-to long-term strategic ESG task of 'Better Life Plan 2030', so that our ESG management activities can lead to more tangible results. Based on this, we will continue to suggest guides and goals for ESG management to our employees and enhance ESG management. In addition, by communicating specific action plans and achievements with our external stakeholders in an even more transparent and proactive way, we will fulfill our corporate values.

  • Moving forward, we will continue to strive to create a 'Better Life for All' by sincerely listening to the opinions of all of our stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and local communities.

CEO & President of LG Electronics
Cho Joowan
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