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The new LG G3 fuses the simplest design and comfort with the smartest technology!

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Introducing the new slogan, "simple is the new smart", the LG G3 has officially begun its launch.


This new release has already generated a significant amount of hype in smartphone market.


The popular UK mobile review site,, referred the LG G3 as "the best screen of any

smartphone" while another British tech website,, has mentioned that 

"the LG G3 is ahead of its competition with its Quad HD screen and the auto-focus camera

both proving among the best in the market."


Boasting an infusion of enhanced performance and added usability, the new and enhanced LG G3 

highlights three key essentials.


Let's spend a day with the new LG G3 and find out why "simple is the new smart."


1. Leave your heavy duty camera at home during vacation!

Ben and his family love travelling together.

This time, Ben leaves his heavy duty DSLR at home and carries his LG G3 instead.


How does this affect his vacation?

Ben no longer needs to worry about getting blurry pictures as he captures precious memories with

his kids on the beach.


The LG G3’s Laser Auto-Focus produces crystal clear photos without the blur.

Laser Auto Focus


This feature utilizes a laser to measure the distance from the subject and automatically

adjust the focus to reduce the blurring caused by movement.

The simple UI helps Ben easily snap photos with a simple touch of the screen.

The Dual LED Flash also allows him to shoot even in the darkest places, resulting in brighter,

shaper photos with clear natural color tones.



Now anyone can be a great photographer!

With the help of the LG G3 OIS camera and its ultra-fast auto focus,

simple UI, and Dual LED Flash—there’s nothing to limit the photographer in you.


2. Let your phone be your frame!

Paul is currently planning a very important exhibition and

needs to figure out a way to display original pictures at a media art exhibition.

He finds his answer in the LG G3.

How does the LG G3 make it all possible?

Here is his Media Art Gallery, which utilizes the LG G3’s display.

The goal was to present the original pictures via media with a quality that was as clear as the original.

 The LG G3 plays a significant role in making this a reality with its Quad HD Display technology!


The LG G3 display carries the same qualities needed to print a high quality

539 ppi gallery art book with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

This means that it provides the ultra clear picture quality and

rich hues needed to deliver the same impact as the original works.


And to top it all off, the LG G3 comes equipped with a 5.5 inch wide display,

offering best-in-class viewing experience.

With the power of QHD and the viewing pleasure of the generous 5.5 inch display,

it’s difficult to find differences between the two.

Only with the help of the LG G3 and its features, was Paul able to make this media art exhibition a reality.

QHD display


QHD, short for Quad High Definition, is a display technology with a resolution that is four times

higher than the average HD display, equivalent to 2,550 x 1,440 pixels.

3. Let the LG G3 fancy you!

Liz is a trendy socialite.

She’s always out and about but never leaves her house without her sleek LG G3.

How did the LG G3 become such a vital piece of Liz’s social life?

Let’s take a look at an average day for Liz.


With its chic and polished design,

the LG G3 transforms even the most menial tasks into a more luxurious event. 


The LG G3’s alluring metallic design immediately captures the attention of onlookers.

Its slim profile and magnetic appeal make it a must-have item for those that love being in style and

it’s this appeal that makes the LG G3 such a coveted fashion item.



Lightweight Metallic Design


A slim, lightweight metallic body offers added mobility and style while the slight curve and arched design maintains a touch of class. The signature backside button is also back to offer easy one-handed control.

All this is only a peek into the new LG G3’s capabilities.

Stay on the lookout because there are many more simple and smart discoveries to be revealed.


 How would these various features improve your lifestyle?

And what can we expect out of these newly improved lives?

Take a look for yourself:


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