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LG Launches Popular Korean Home Beauty Devices Pra.L Series
Allowing users to indulge in an easy at-home skin care experience

  • Updated
  • 04/05/2018

Derma LED Mask for complete care

With heavy workloads and busy schedules, Hong Kong people do not often get a chance to take care of themselves, and their bad habits can do irreversible damage their skin. The all new LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask is here to address this pain point – it helps users improve skin tone and elasticity quickly and without hassle. All users need to do is to wear the Derma LED Mask after cleaning their face and applying routine skin care products, the whole process only takes nine minutes.


The LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask comes with 60 red LEDs and 60 infrared LEDs for a total of 120 LEDs which generates various wavelength. The red wavelength, which is a longwave, and the infrared ray, which is a shortwave, penetrates into the skin at different depths to create transparent and elastic skin. LG also placed LED focusing on the two sides of the face to tackle nasolabial folds, making users look younger and energetic after using it.


To prevent glaring caused by LED lights, a double safety device is included with the Derma LED Mask, it adopted an eye-shield design and proximity sensors which only activate when the mask is worn properly. In addition, the Derma LED Mask has received approval from the US FDA, ensuring the safety of using the mask.


Galvanic Ion Booster delivers skin care products deep into the skin

Women usually use various skin care products every day. However, if their skin is not clean enough, the products will clog pores preventing the skin from absorbing the nutrients. The LG Pra.L Galvanic Ion Booster is an absorption promotion device that uses iontophoresis, ultrasonic waves, and warm heat to help deliver the active ingredients of skin care products deep into the skin. This product loosens up pores and creates fine gaps in the cornea layer with ultrasonic waves, and then uses iontophoresis technologies to send the active ingredients of skin care products deep into the skin.


The Galvanic Ion Booster comes with cleansing mode and boost mode. Users will need to first apply moisturizing gel when using the cleansing mode, the positive ions (+) at the product head attract the small impurities in the skin that carry negative ions (-), thus removing them effectively. The boost mode helps send active ingredients from skin care products deep into the skin. The negative ions (-) at the product head repel the skin care products that carry negative ions (-) and help them penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin more effectively, optimizing the effect of the skin care products. With only three minutes daily, users will get moisturizing and glowing skin.


The head of the Galvanic Ion Booster is in the shape of a soft triangle that is designed for complete care of narrow and curved parts of the face, such as the eyes and nose. The head of the device is also equipped with UV light that can perform deep disinfection, ensuring the hygiene level of the product. LG caring designs will bring relaxing and safe skin care experience to users.


Total Lift Up Care for both lifting and elasticity

Skin elasticity drops as you age and wrinkles develop over time. The secret to having firm and elastic skin is the LG Pra.L Total Lift Up Care - a total elasticity care device that uses high frequencies, LED and micro currents to help improve skin lifting and elasticity effects. The ‘firming mode’ of the device uses high frequencies, red LEDs and the ‘lifting mode’ utilizes micro currents to help improve skin elasticity strengthening effects. The heat energy of the high frequency currents and the red LED waves penetrated into the skin to help with elasticity, while the micro currents stimulate skin tissues and muscles to help with facial lifting.


In addition, the Total Care Mode allows users to use both modes at the same time to optimize the effect and enjoy a more comprehensive skin care experience. After cleansing their face and applying moisturizing gel, users can choose their desired mode and massage with the device simultaneously. Users only need to use the LG Pra.L Total Lift Up Care twice a week and six minutes every time by part to get moisturized and firm skin.


The heads of the LG Pra.L Total Lift Up Care and Galvanic Ion Booster that touch the skin use medical materials for surgery and implants and after use, they can be stored cleanly by placing the protective cap with UV lamps.


USB-charging and voice control that suit users’ needs

LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask, Galvanic Ion and Total Lift Up Care support USB-charging, which allows users to use them while charging, making it convenient to use every day and while travelling. Additionally, the three devices provide voice control that assist first-time users to learn and follow skin care steps easily.


Prices and release dates

LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask, Galvanic Ion and Total Lift Up Care are now generally available at authorized retailers, at the suggested retail price of:



Suggested Retail Price

Derma LED Mask


Galvanic Ion Booster


Total Lift Up Care



Key specifications:



Derma LED Mask

Total Lift Up Care

Galvanic Ion Booster


Skin tone, elasticity

Lifting, elasticity

Promote absorption


Red/infrared LED

High frequency, LED, micro currents

Iontophoresis, ultrasonic waves, warm heat


USB charging mount

USB port (can use while charging)

USB charging mount

USB port (can use while charging)

USB charging mount

USB port (can use while charging)


Time for single use: 9 minutes

Continuous use time: app. 70 minutes

Time for single use: 6 minutes (by part)

Continuous use time: app. 120 minutes

Time for single use: 6 minutes (cleansing 3 min, boost 3 min)

Continuous use time: app. 90 minutes


Class II cleared




Audio guide

Audio guide

Audio guide



Total Lift Up Care

The above products come with warm functions, users can adjust the operation time according to their skin condition. Users should stop using it immediately if it feels uncomfortable. As skin conditions varies among different people, the effects may vary as well.