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[G2] Installing the micro-USIM card

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  • Last Updated 02/10/2015

Installing the micro-USIM card




How to use Installing the micro-USIM card


     Before you start exploring your new phone, you may choose to insert the micro-USIM card.
     The eject button is a small round aperture just above the tray door. To install a new micro-USIM card:

     1  Insert the micro-USIM ejection tool that comes with the phone (or a thin pin) into the eject button aperture, and push gently but firmly until the tray pops out.

     2  Remove the tray and place the micro-USIM card inside it, with the contacts out and the angled corner to the right. There is only one possible way to fit the card snugly into the tray.

     3  Carefully reposition the tray in the slot and push it gently back into the phone.


     NOTE: Make sure the gold contact area on the card is facing downwards.




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