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ULTRA picture quality meets perfect sound. 8.3 million pixels deliver 4 times the resolution of Full HD.
Its unique IPS technology creates a wider viewing angle and life-like colors. Combine this with powerful sound,
and you have the most realistic viewing experience ever. Only the best create the first.
It’s All Possible.

* Display of ULTRA HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) content compatible; additional device capable of processing ULTRA HD source content (in 2D or 3D) may be required and will be sold separately.

    the ULTRA
    HD Resolution

    Boasting 4 times higher resolution
    than Full HD, you get exceptionally rich colors
    even when viewed from up close.
    Immerse yourself in incredibly accurate
    and beautifully vivid detail.


    ULTRA HD 8.3M Pixels

    A new standard of high definition raises the bar higher than ever.
    ULTRA HD is the future of digital pictures, attaining a resolution
    four times that of FULL HD, with a stunning 8.3 million pixels displaying
    flawless pictures even from close distances. Enjoy the incredibly vivid,
    picture-perfect LG ULTRA HD TV.

    IPS Panel

    The secret behind LG TV’s superior viewing angle and quality is the panel.
    Just as the quality of the beans determines the quality of the coffee,
    the quality of the panel determines the quality of the TV.
    The IPS Panel used by LG is the reason why LG LED TVs have clearer,
    more consistent, and sturdy screens.

    Life-like Color

    IPS offers a color impression that
    is most identical to that of the
    original image. The colors are truly
    closest to nature and most
    comfortable for the eyes.

    Wide Viewing Angle

    Among LCD panels, it is visibly
    clear that IPS shows the most
    consistent color and contrast
    from all angles. Free from color
    wash and contrast loss, it is
    the ideal panel for all purposes.

    Blur-Free Clarity

    IPS is decidedly superior to the
    comparing panels in the clarity of
    its pictures during fast motion
    display, allowing blur-free,
    crystal-clear pictures.

    Stable Screen

    IPS Panels are stable and sturdy,
    and resistant to damage, as
    opposed to weak competing
    panels ; just try a simple knock
    or poke at the screens to see for

    Not All Engines can Display High Quality
    ULTRA HD Pictures

    See how colors and details are refined with LG’s powerful Engines to deliver higher picture quality.

    Tru-ULTRA HD Engine

    The Tru-ULTRA HD Engine is the ultimate core of the ULTRA HD panel that enhances the quality of the ULTRA HD upscaler.
    When ordinary resolution pictures are enhanced, the sophisticated algorithm of the Engine brings the images even closer to ULTRA HD quality.
    LG ULTRA HD TV with its powerful engine will thoroughly satisfy the viewer with flawless detail, lifting the standard of visual display yet higher.

    Triple XD Engine

    Enjoy sheer perfection of Color, Contrast, and Clarity with
    the all-powerful Triple XD Engine. LG’s latest and most advanced
    LG’s latest and most advanced Triple XD Engine brings
    the highest level of excellence in Color, Contrast, and Clarity
    for the best picture quality and performance.

    NANO Full LED

    NANO FULL LED is the most advanced LED, the pinnacle of LG’s
    innovations in LCD picture quality. Employing the latest in LED display
    technologies, NANO Lighting Technology brings brighter, clearer
    and smoother picture quality than any other LED TV by evenly
    spreading the LED lights.
    * Only available for 65/55LA9700


    Enjoy 3D Pictures
    in ULTRA HD
    Picture Quality

    The world’s most comfortable 3D is also the most brilliant
    and the sharpest. The quality of ULTRA HD CINEMA 3D is enhanced
    by its uninhibited brightness, which lets viewers enjoy brilliant
    3D that is not hindered by low luminance or the flickering
    shadows of conventional 3D glasses. With
    its quadrupled resolution, the 3D images
    are more splendid than ever and the realism
    more palpable than ever.


    Flicker-Free 3D

    Enjoy a 3D TV that is more comfortable for your eyes, without
    the distracting flicker. Unlike conventional 3D TV, LG CINEMA
    3D Smart TV is certified flicker-free and also provides brighter
    3D images. It’s easier on the eyes, delivering clear and crisp
    3D that jumps out of the screen.

    Comfortable 3D Pictures

    LG CINEMA 3D is…comfortable, flicker-free 3D glasses.
    Enjoy 3D in greater comfort with light, battery-free, and
    affordable 3D glasses.


    4.1ch Sliding Speaker


    The extraordinary sound quality of
    the LG ULTRA HD TV is no less complemented
    by the presentation of its contraptions.
    The powerful 4.1 channel frontal speakers slide out
    when in use, and disappears out of sight when
    turned off. This spectacular feature demonstrates
    particular care for design as well as function,
    and does wonders for the decor.


    2.2 Speaker System


    Rich sound completes the viewing experience.
    Enjoy a richness of sound that no other TV can provide. With 50W
    audio bursting from the 2.2 Speaker System, LG ULTRA HD TV
    boasts two woofers, delivering incredible depth and liveliness to your
    ears as the screen brings to your eyes. Now, you can take the booming
    exhilaration of the movies home with you.

    Frontal Speaker


    Hear the depth and energy of your TV’s sounds.
    Frontal Speakers herald the return of forward facing speakers to flat
    screen television, producing vibrant sound that is powerfully conveyed
    right to your ears.


    Smart TV

    The simplest and most customizable user interface.
    LG Smart TV’s all new Smart Home comes with
    an improved design, offering greater simplicity and more
    room for customization.



    Browse and share files in your external storage devices on your TV screen.

    Network File Browser

    Browse through files on all
    DLNA-compatible external
    devices and also obtain

    WiDi Intel Wireless

    Intel’s WiDi Wireless Display
    technology enables easy and
    fast connection between TV’s
    and Laptop PC’s without wires
    or internet network.

    MHL Mobile HD Link

    Connect and watch HD content
    from your phone on the TV’s
    large screen, and control it with
    the Magic Remote.

    2nd Display

    Watch TV or content connected
    to a TV on your smart phone or
    tablet PC from anywhere within
    the range of Wi-Fi.

    Magic Remote

    Universal Control, Pointing, Wheel, Gesture, and Voice
    – the most convenient and advanced TV remote.

    Universal Control

    Control and access your set-top box,
    speakers, BDP, and even satellite TV
    with a single remote, a one-stop
    solution for maximum convenience.


    Just point and click
    a smart remote for your smart tv.


    Make a simple gesture to perform
    complex commands, saving time.


    Scroll up and down, zoom in and
    out with a wheel - just like using
    a computer mouse.


    Speak to your Remote to find
    what you want.