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UK, a house-proud nation

  • Ažurirano
  • 2009 06. 30

LG’s ‘Simply Living’ Report* reveals the UK’s cooking, cleaning and washing habits



·         Over a third of Brits do the laundry and vacuuming every day

·         Durability and ‘greenness’ top consumers’ washing machine wish list

·         Cooking favoured more by British men than British women

·         Over £90 million food thrown away each week in the UK



UK, 30 June 2009 – Independent research commissioned by LG reveals that the UK is a nation of ‘house-proud domesticates’, with over a third of people washing and vacuuming daily. However, the ‘Simply Living’ report, which looks into current lifestyle habits in the UK, also highlights consumers’ need for advice on how to make their lives simpler, with 39 per cent stating that they spend too much time doing household tasks, or would prefer to pay someone to do their daily chores.

Wash day blues?
36 per cent of Brits put on at least one load of washing every day, predominantly made up of people in their thirties and forties who have families. Whilst almost a quarter of respondents admitted that they enjoy doing the laundry, 42 per cent believe they spend too much time doing this task and wish they could cut down on the time it takes or pay someone else to do it for them instead.

As well as being time-consuming, another common bug bear amongst people is the noise and vibration produced by their washing machine. Almost a third of people in the UK claim that theirs is too noisy, interrupting leisure time when they are trying to relax, watch the television or chat over dinner.

When asked what factors, apart from price, would influence them when buying a new washing machine, 55 per cent of respondents cited durability as the most important. This was closely followed by energy efficiency (54 per cent), demonstrating the growing awareness of green issues amongst people in the UK, as well as the impact the recession is having on their lives as they try to find ways to save money.

How clean is your house?
Many UK households (36 per cent), particularly those with children and pets, are also vacuuming every day in order to keep their homes looking clean and tidy, although 38 per cent of respondents would much rather spend less time on this household chore.

Whilst almost a third of people regularly use the various attachments that come with their vacuum cleaner and only a small percentage are ignorant as to the functionality of each attachment, almost half admitted that they simply can’t be bothered to change the different nozzles as it takes too long.


The rise of the domestic god?

Not all housework, however, is seen as a chore, and three quarters of Brits revealed that they enjoy cooking. Contrary to the traditional stereotype, the study revealed that men enjoy cooking more than women, who would rather pay for someone to cook for them, although women are likely to dedicate more time to preparing a main meal than their male counterparts.


Despite the nation’s love of cooking, a third of respondents said they would make their own meals on a more regular basis if it didn’t take them as long. In today’s time-poor culture, many Brits cited a need for speed as 42 per cent stated they wouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes preparing and cooking a meal.


The majority of respondents (71 per cent) admit that the credit crunch has had little effect on their cooking habits, although one in five said they eat fewer takeaways now than they did a year ago.


Wasteful Britain

Despite many people tightening their purse strings, the research revealed that more than £90 million worth of food is thrown away each week in the UK as people fail to store different foods in the correct conditions. Over two-thirds of Brits admit that they either adopt a rough system or no system at all when it comes to storing food in their fridge-freezers. Whilst some will use different shelves for different foodstuffs, most don’t make use of vegetable and meat drawers which are designed to keep food at the correct temperature, and crisp and fresh for longer.


Deirdre Taylor, home economist says, “Huge advances are being made all the time within the technology market in order to make life easier for the UK consumer by improving the way household technology works. In order to make the most of your appliances, it’s important to truly understand how they work and how to get the best out of them – they really can help you save time, stress and money whilst making your home a place you can be proud of.”


“In commissioning this report, LG has identified current and emerging lifestyle trends in the UK and the impact this has on household activities such as cooking, washing, cleaning,” explains Kate Seabrook, Consumer Marketing Manager for LG Home Appliances. “We now have a better understanding of the issues that UK consumers face on a day-to-day basis, their wants, their needs, and have used that insight to develop improved solutions for the home that will change the way people view and feel about household tasks.”




Other findings to come out of the study include:

·         Londoners the least likely to cook every day than people in other regions. Almost everyone surveyed in the West Midlands (99%) will cook everyday

·         Almost a quarter of people (23%) in their twenties wish they had more time to spend cooking

·         Scots are two times better at storing their food than the Welsh

·         Twice as much food thrown away in London each week than in the whole of Northern Ireland

·         50 per cent of people in their thirties do laundry each day compared with just 25 per cent in their sixties

·         Almost a quarter (22%) of respondents in their twenties admit that they never do their own laundry

·         Scots are much tidier than southerners, spending three times more time vacuuming

·         There is a north-south divide as people living in the North East of England are more likely to spend their spare time cooking than those in the South East

·         Women are still responsible for most of the household chores (61 per cent), but domestic equality is on the rise as 25 per cent of Brits share the load

·         There is a growing trend for open space living as fewer people in their twenties and thirties opt for separate kitchen and living spaces

# # #



Notes to editors


*Simply Living report – independently commissioned by LG in conjunction with the Consumer Analysis Group Ltd.


The sample for the survey includes 1003 people aged between 20 and 80 from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


In lengthy telephone and face-to-face interviews, participants were asked about their cooking, cleaning and washing habits.


Regional figures match the density of the population.


For the full report, please contact Firefly Communications.



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