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Ugrás a Tartalomra


  • Frissítve
  • 2008/03/20

<p align="left"><em>Steam  Washing Machine &ndash; Certified by the Asthma Society of Canada &ndash; Brings Innovative Clothing  Care Options to Consumers, Just in Time for Spring</em><br />

  <strong>TORONTO</strong><strong>, ON, March 20, 2008 </strong>&mdash; With the first day of  Spring upon us, Canadians have a new laundry cycle at their disposal for  combating household allergens. This unique laundry cycle, called AllergieneTM,  is now featured on the award-winning LG SteamWasherTM. </p>

<p>LG&rsquo;s  allergen-reduction cycle provides a unique consumer benefit to the many Canadians  who need to reduce common household allergens in order to find relief. The LG  SteamWasher with Allergiene cycle reduces allergens, including common triggers  such as dust mites and pet dander, on fabrics by more than 95 percent. It is the  first washing machine to be certified asthma &amp; allergy friendly&trade; by the Asthma  Society of Canada, a nationally registered, voluntary health  organization with a 32-year reputation for providing respiratory support  services to patients and health professionals. </p>

<p>&ldquo;We are thrilled that LG has  developed a washing machine that is so effective at reducing common household  allergens that we are able to certify it asthma &amp; allergy friendly,&rdquo; said John  O&rsquo;Mahony, president of Allergy Standards Limited. &ldquo;By designing a special wash cycle that meets our standards, LG has  created a tool that can help millions of Canadians in their efforts to reduce  their exposure to allergens throughout the year.&rdquo; </p>

<p>The  LG SteamWasher with Allergiene cycle utilizes LG&rsquo;s TrueSteamTM Generator for real steam in  the wash tub. The steam in LG&rsquo;s  SteamWasher allows the wash to reach the appropriate temperature necessary to  breakdown and wash out allergens &ndash;  without harming fabrics.</p>

<p>&ldquo;The  Allergiene cycle offers the best of both worlds&mdash;a powerful cleaning cycle that  won&rsquo;t harm your clothing,&rdquo; said Nicole Patterson, marketing manager for the  digital appliances (DA) division of LG Electronics Canada Inc. &ldquo;This exciting  new application of our TrueSteam technology is the latest example of how our  continued innovation in steam laundry can provide meaningful new benefits to  consumers.&rdquo; </p>

<p><strong><u>ALLERGEN-REDUCTION AND MORE </u></strong><br />

  The  SteamWasher offers exceptional cleaning power for  outstanding performance and includes other features such as:&nbsp; </p>

<ul type="disc">

  <li>SteamWash<em>&trade;</em> &ndash; feeds hot steam into the top       of the wash drum through a spray nozzle to penetrate the fabrics; removes       dirt and stubborn stains; and better dissolves cleaning agents without       causing excessive wear and tear on garments. </li>

  <li>SteamFresh<em>&trade;</em> &ndash; the SteamWasher&rsquo;s 20-minute       steam-only cycle uses steam to freshen and reduce wrinkles on clothes&ndash; resulting in less ironing and fewer trips to the dry cleaner. </li>


<p>The LG SteamDryerTM delivers additional steam capabilities when paired with the LG SteamWasher, and offers unmatched functionality in freshening  clothes compared to other dryers on the market including: </p>

<ul type="disc">

  <li>SteamFresh       &ndash; freshens clothing and reduces wrinkles in a large load of garments, also works for bulky items       such as comforters. Garments come out completely dry and ready to wear       after the cycle is complete. </li>



  <li>ReduceStaticTM &ndash; neutralizes static electricity in normal  loads by introducing steam during the final five minutes of the drying cycle producing  more comfortable, static-free garments.&nbsp; </li>

  <li>EasyIronTM &ndash; evenly and lightly moistens the dryer load  prior to the end of the cycle<strong> </strong>simplifying the ironing  process.&nbsp; </li>


<p><strong><u>PRICING AND AVAILABILITY</u></strong> </p>

<p>The LG Steam Laundry  pair with new Allergiene cycle is  available now in designer finishes, including stainless steel, midnight blue,  wild cherry red and white. Models feature either an LED or an upgraded LCD display. </p>

<p>Manufacturer&rsquo;s estimated  retail pricing:</p>


  <li>Stainless  Steel Pair &ndash; estimated retail price $7,000</li>

  <li>LCD  Model &ndash; estimated retail price $3,500 </li>

  <li>Steam  Combo &ndash; estimated retail price $2,500 </li>


<p><strong>About LG Electronics, Inc.:</strong><br />

    <br />

  The LG brand was established in 1995. The company is a global force in  electronics, information and communications products, with more than 82,000  employees working in 77 countries around the world, and annual total revenues  of more than US $35-billion (non-consolidated). LG Canada has offices in Toronto and Vancouver.  LG Canada is focused on delivering award-winning products known for blending  style and technology. These innovative products include cell phones, flat  screen TVs, laptop computers and digital appliances. For more information please  visit <a href=""></a>.<strong><u></u></strong></p>

<p><strong>About Asthma Society  of Canada:</strong></p>

<p>The Asthma Society of Canada is a nationally registered,  voluntary health organization with a 32-year reputation of providing  respiratory support services to patients and health professionals. Our vision  is to ensure that every Canadian child and adult diagnosed with asthma,  associated allergies and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) enjoys a  high quality of life. For more information about the Asthma Society of Canada  and our services, visit <a href=""></a>, or  email us at <a href=""></a>, or call our  toll-free support line 1-866-787-4050.</p>

<p><strong>About Allergy  Standards Limited:</strong></p>

<p>Allergy Standards Limited is a physician led global  certification company that prepares independent standards for testing a wide  range of products to determine their suitability for asthmatics and individuals  with associated allergies. ASL&rsquo;s management team possesses specialist skills in  a variety of medical fields including asthma and other allergic diseases. ASL  has devised a series of proprietary testing protocols and suitability  specifications for products to meet in order to be eligible for certification  as <strong>asthma friendly&reg;</strong> For more program information please visit <a href=""></a>.</p>

<p><strong>For more  information, please contact: </strong></p>

<p>Katherine Dyriw<br />

  High Road Communications<br />

  416-644-2288<br />

  <a href=""></a></p>