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למד על התקנת המוצר, תחזוקה ופתרון בעיות באמצעות אפשרויות החיפוש שלך.

Do you want to register your favorite channel?

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Do you want to register your favorite channel?



Register your favorite channel in the favorite channel list and switch channel easily.
※ Not available for set-top box channel.



 How to fix

Non-Smart TV
TV before 2011

Smart TV 2012~2013
[Smart] or [Setting Menu] → [CHANNEL] → [Channel Edit]
1. Go to Channel Edit and select the channel that you want to register.

2. After selecting, click [Set as Favorite] at the bottom right corner.
(If you use button-type remote control, press “favorite channel” button on the remote control.)

3. Select a favorite channel group and click OK. (Group A~D) 


4. If it is registered, you will see ★ mark


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