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Power is not turned off.

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  • עדכון אחרון 08/08/2018

Power is not turned off.




You can’t turn off the power with remote control or power button on the product.






Howto fix

1. Check if the switch on the product is working properly.


The location of the switch differs depending on the product.Please refer to user’s manual.



2. Check the battery of the TV remote control and check if the remote control receiver on the TV is covered.


- Make sure to always replace the two battery at the same time and check the +,- position.

- The location of remote control receiver differs depending on the model and if the receiver is covered with


   an obstacle (such as sound bar, picture frame, etc.), it won’t function.

3. In case you can’t turn on/offTVwith set-top box remote control, it is disconnected from TV and you will not be able to control. Please check the setting with the broadcaster you are subscribing.



4. Try using remote control after you turn off the fluorescent light.

- Three wave length fluorescent lamps may interfere the frequency and the remote control may not work. (Remote control: 38KHz)



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