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No 3D image after wearing 3D glasses (shutter glasses).

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  • עדכון אחרון 04/11/2018

No 3D image after wearing 3D glasses (shutter glasses).



3D video is played, but it doesn’tdisplay 3D image.


How to fix

1.Push 3D button of remote control and check if 3Dfunction is on and if you selected correct image type.

2. If you are usingpolarizing glasses, you are suggested to watch in front of TV at a distance.

3. If you watch 2Dvideo with 3D effect, it will be quite different from oneoriginally produced as 3D video.

If you are using shuttertype 3D glasses(rechargeable), check the items below.

① Remove the obstaclescovering receiver at the bottom of TV.
3Dglasses and TV must communicate.(When communicated, the lens color changes.)

Watchingdistance is about 2~7m.


- Removeall theobstacles between TV and glasses.



 L:Color when communicated      R:Color when not communicated





-  If the surrounding is too bright,


turn off the fluorescent light and block the natural light.



※ If it is too bright, the video might stopintermittently.





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