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How should I move a refrigerator?

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  • עדכון אחרון 04/08/2018

How should I move a refrigerator? (Side by side/household/commercial refrigerator, freezer)




symptom  Symptom


              How to move a refrigerator







tips  Tips for moving a refrigerator

1. Do not lay the refrigerator on the side since the compressor inside may go out of place or the gas might leak from the pipe connected to the compressor during transportation.

 2. Oil inside the compressor might flow backwards when the refrigerator is tipped onto its side. If the refrigerator is plugged, it is highly likely that the product will malfunction.

 3. Do not transport your refrigerator on its side; keep it upright at all times.

 ※ Plug a refrigerator an hour after transportation.




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