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[LG G4]How can I control MF in Manual Camera Controls?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How can I control MF in Manual Camera Controls?


Function Function


         MF (Manual Focus) : Used to manually focus. 

                  1.Press MF button and use the wheel to control the focus.
                  2.When MF button is selected in Auto mode, the first value shown is the current value.
                  3.To go back to Auto mode, press AUTO button above the wheel .

                     Note: AE-L button has no influence on WB/MF.

                  4.In MF mode, you cannot use Touch focus.  To go back to Auto focus and Touch focus  mode, tab Auto button above the wheel.
                  5.As you adjust toward the bottom of the wheel , the focus is towards the object (micro). 
                     As you adjust to the top, the focus is away from the object (macro).

                     Note: MF is applied regardless of WB. EV, ISO, and SS values in Manual mode.


                     Control MF


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