Comprehensive Service Integrating Repair, Replacement and Cleaning

  • Document icon with checklist.

    Accurate Diagnosis / DSM Data Analysis

    DSM (Data Saving Module) data analysis enables precise diagnosis (Analysis of air conditioning cycle data for more than 1 month).

  • Three icons representing repair, replacement, and cleaning are connected in a circle.

    Repairs, Replacement, Cleaning

    Position adjustment, repainting, worn-out parts replacement, heat exchange cleaning.

  • Round arrow icon indicating re-assemble.

    Re-assembly, Optimization, and Test Run

    Provided by experts with expertise and experience in heating and cooling equipment in each region.

LG Air Purification Kit

  • Graph shows that the level of smell is reduced when the kit is operated, and it increases when the air conditioner is off.

    Performance Test on Site

    Performance test on site PM 2.5(air quality index) changed from "Normal" to "Good" after operating air purification(Site area : 264m², Indoor unit : 4way cassette 6 units).

  • Divided into 3 images that guides the status of sensor's color, shows remote control, and mobile phone controlling.

    Real Time Air Quality Monitoring

    Real time monitoring by remote controller, panel LED lamp, and mobile phone.

Energy Saving with Human Detection Sensor (Special Option)

  • A pictogram shows 10 seconds time mark with waves that seem to detect the silhouette of a person.

    Direction Control Based on Human Motion

    Airflow direction is controlled automatically by a motion sensor detecting the activity of people every 10 seconds.

  • A two-dimensional graph shows that energy consumption decreases when there is no human movement.

    On/Off mode

    The indoor unit automatically stops when detecting absence and runs when detecting presence of people.

  • A two-dimensional graph shows that energy consumption decreases by automatically setting target temp.

    Temp. Control Mode

    Energy savings by automatically setting target temp. during absence of people (5/10/15/30/60min).