Longing for the beauty of a star-filled night sky? If you watch on a typical LED TV, the black isn't dark enough and the stars aren't clear enough.
This is because LED TVs can only turn off certain lighting zones, resulting in a 'halo' effect.
By contrast, LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that can illuminate one by one.
This creates a completely black sky, and sharper, clearer stars. This is what self-lit pixels can present.
When you see it firsthand, you'll realise there are LG OLED TVs, and there is everything else.





*Screen images simulated.

The secret behind picture quality is display technology.
Backlit LCD/LED TVs pass light through a filter to show colors
on the actual display — that interference causes distortion. LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that illuminate one by one
to ensure richness of color and contrast without interference.


Top and bottom comparison of backlit LED/LCD TV versus self-lit OLED TV that shows how the each display layers composed


Top and bottom comparison of backlit LED/LCD TV versus self-lit OLED TV that shows how the each display layers composed

What's possible with

Father and son watching a dinosaur documentary on a large screen TV

More expressive cinema

LG OLED TVs have individual self-lit pixels that create infinite contrast and
the Perfect Black. You can see the richness in colors, and all the small details
and textures revealed in every scene.

More responsive gaming

Self-lit pixels ensure better image quality for HDR gaming, and its
fast response time lets you take full advantage of G-SYNC compatibility.

Man in a dark room, sitting on a racing game seat, in front of a large TV playing a racing game
People are watching a football game with the backdrop of a view of the entire stadium on a large TV

More realistic sport

LG OLED TVs show every small movement and facial expression without
any color shift, blur, or flicker. In addition to their stunning picture quality,
self-lit pixels offer an equally great view from wide viewing angles.

More artistic lifestyle

LG OLED TVs with self-lit pixels can become thinner and lighter.
Without the need for backlight, LG OLED keeps proving that the impossible
is possible. See the paper-thin, futuristic design that goes beyond all expectations.

Woman enjoying an abstract artwork on a Gallery Design TV
Experience TV like never before

Display technology matters


Extrashot TV & Camera Professional YouTuber

“From this comparison
(blind test of 4K OLED vs 8K LED),
when it comes to displays,
the resolution doesn’t mean quality.“

Adam Savage’s Tested Tech YouTuber / 4.83M fans

“HDR is bigger than resolution.
LCD-LED TVs contrast and
black level isn’t quite up there
with LG OLED.”

JerryRigEverything Tech YouTuber/5.28M

“Those millions of self-lit pixels
on the OLED panel are what gives
you more control over the image.”

take 8K to new levels

REAL 8K adds such believable texture to every scene that it feels like the actors are
performing right in front of you. This is achieved by more than 100 million self-lit subpixels*
that bring every single detail to life on a huge 88-inch screen — even at wide angles.

OLED TV image showing countless tiny stars and cosmic horizon

*Calculation based on multiplying 8K resolution (7680x4320) and four sub-pixels.

  1. The mark of Real 8K ZX 88,77 inch
  2. The mark of of 8K ULTRA HD ZX 88,77 inch
  3. The mark of Intertek ZX 88 inch
  4. The mark of TÜV Rheinland ZX 77 inch

Honored with major awards

The mark of IBS initiating the world's No.1 OLED TV Brand with 7 stars

LG continues to establish a strong foothold in the OLED TV Market with impressive, industry-topping sales in 2019. *“Source - Omdia. Unit shipments, 2013-2019.
Results are not an endorsement of LG Electronics.
Any reliance on these results is at the third-party’s own risk.”

“8 consecutive years of CES Innovation Awards”

The mark of CES Best of Inovation Award winner in video display category for 65RX
CES 2020 Best of
Innovation Award Winner

in Video Displays Category, 65RX

The mark of CES 2020 Innovation awards honoree in digital imaging on phogotraphy for 88ZX
CES 2020
Innovation Awards Honoree

in Digital Imaging or Photography, 88ZX

The mark of CES 2020 innovation awards honoree in video displays category for 88ZX
CES 2020
Innovation Awards Honoree

in Video Displays Category, 88ZX

*The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

Discover how SELF-LIT PiXELS redefine it all

    Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos
    FILMMAKER MODE™ / eARC / Eye Comfort
    Bluetooth Surround Ready
    Disney + / Apple TV+ / Netflix


    G-SYNC Compatible / HGiG
    1ms Response Time
    Low Input Lag / VRR / ALLM
    Game Mode / Eye Comfort

  3. SPORT

    Big Screen / Wide Viewing Angle
    Sports Mode / Sports Alert
    Bluetooth Surround Ready
    Face Ennhancing / Text Sharpness
    Clear Voice


    LG ThinQ AI / Apple Airplay
    Apple Homekit / Google Assistant
    Amazon Alexa / AI Brightness
    Gallery Mode


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