LG Smartphone

Passed MIL-STD-810G Tests

No More Rigidity, No More Damage

The LG Smartphones officially passed the latest durability test specifications of the U.S. Department of Defence. This adherence to strict standards guarantees safety and prevents damage in the event that the Smartphone is dropped or subjected to pressure, protecting you valuable data.




If a device boasts MIL-STD-810G compliance, it should, in theory, be durable. It should be far more likely to survive drops and harsh environmental conditions. If you are someone who enjoys hiking and rock climbing or drop your phone very often, you might want to consider a MIL-STD-810G rated phone.


Passed 14 Test Categories

  • Transit Drop
  • Immersion
  • Low Pressure
  • Solar Radiation
  • Temperature
  • High Temperature
  • High Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Humidity
  • Salt Fog
  • Sand and Dust
  • Rain
  • Low Temperature
  • Low Temperature


Test Category Test Method Test Procedure
Temperature Test Temperature Shock -Procedure 1-C Device must withstand three cycles of temperature extremse from -21° for one hour to 48° for one hour and back to -21° for one hour
Environmental Test High Temperature - Procedure I
High Temperature - Procedure II
High Temperature - Procedure I
High Temperature - Procedure II
Salt Fog
Device withstands temperature ranging from 30° to 43° for three hours while in the box.
Device withstands temperature ranging from 30° to 63° for three hours while out in the box.
Device withstands temperature ranging from -25° to -33° for three hours while in the box.
Device withstands temperature ranging from -25° to -33° for three hours while out in the box.
Device withstands a salt concentration of 5 ± 1%
Transportation Test Solar Radiation (Sunshine) - Procedure
Rain Procedure-II
Humidity Procedure-I
Low Pressure-Procedure- II
Device withstands 3 cycles as follows: Time: 24 Hours, Temperature: 32°C to 49°C, Radiation: 0 - 1120 (W/m^2)
Device withstands a waterflow rate of 15m/s for 15 minutes at 10°C
Device withstands 15 cycles of each cycle defined as follows: Time: 24 Hours, Temperature: 32°C - 42°C - 32°C, Humidity 44% -29% -44%
Device withstand operationfor one hour from 0.61atm
Humidity Humidity - procedure-I Natural Cycles (Cycle B3- 16 Days per table 507.5- II Figure 507.5-6) Maintained for 24 Hours, 16 Cycles (Humidity 45~55%, Temperature 21~25°C
Vibration Procedure I- Vibration - Category 4, Restrained Cargo (Wheeled),Table 514.6C-VI and Figure 514.6C-3 Vibration test in total of 3 hours (3-axis each 1hour/ 5~500HZ)
Shock Procedure IV- Transit Drop Drop test at 48 inches in 10 direction with each of 5 cellphones, total drops 50
Immersion Immersion The immersion test is performed to determine if material can withstand immersion or partial immersion in water, uppermost point of the test item is 1 ± 0.1m below the surface of the water for 30 Min
Sand & Dust Sand & Dust This test is performed to help evaluate the ability of material to resist the effects of dust that may obstruct openings, penetrate into cracks, crevices, bearings, and joints, and to evaluate the effectiveness of filters


What MIL-STD Means to us?

LG Electronics has increased the strength of its own endurance experiments to achieve durability beyond expectations, but there was no way to explain it. This is because there were many and difficult contents to inform each test item and difficulty.

The moment you need a way to describe durability in one word! The United States Department of Defense has found a military standard, a quality test standard, and commissioned a specialized agency to perform this test. Since then, 'Military Standard' has been a great name tag for the best durability products.

Let’s go to the LG durability lab, which is notorious for its strong durability test!

The smartphone is the closest device to our daily life. That’s how many troubles (?) smartphones will suffer, right? Of course, it is necessary to have strong durability!

The LG passed 14 military standard items, and received attention for its excellent durability. At the centre of this, the role of the LG smartphone durability lab was significant. This is because it creates extreme conditions such as water resistance, fall weight (shock), torsion, and human load, which can be experienced by a mobile phone, and is thoroughly trained.

What if you miss a cell phone while taking a picture on the beach or in a valley ? It's a terrible situation just to think about it? LG lectronics performs a waterproof test to submerge a mobile phone playing a video at a depth of 1.5m for a certain period of time. Even after wiping off the water, carefully check whether all functions, such as touch and video playback, are operating normally.

The dust test in the LG smartphone lab is much more intense than the military standard. Put a smartphone in a box containing finer dust and flour than flour, and rotate it as if rolling a ball.

Check whether the external damage caused by dust and normal operation and, to check meticulously map does not have to disassemble the machine just in case the fine dust containing leaked into the product.

The machine is also tested for durability by reproducing situations in which it can hit other objects in the pocket or bag. Various tests such as fall test, torsion test, free fall test, and continuous drop test are performed.

Even if you drop, twist, or drop a metal ball without hesitation, you can check the LG smartphone that works fine. For reference, this degree of testing in the LG Durability Lab is the basic one!

This is not the end. We are also testing the durability to withstand the impact of a shock applied to all six sides of the smartphone simultaneously. We are conducting high-strength self-durability tests to overcome harsh environments that you will never know when and how.

Why is the swollen butt model here? This model is a human body load test device developed in the LG smartphone durability lab that most closely resembles an adult male's hip. Durability is tested by recreating the everyday environment, such as pressing and sitting on the smartphone screen. You know, it's a high quality butt that you can use, right?

Do more with LG Smartphones

MIL-SPEC 810G Certified with the extreme test exceeds the maximum functioning temperature and drop-proof tested onto concrete from 1.2 metres, the IP68 helps give the freedom to live your life whether playing outdoor sports or working in harsh conditions.

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