The gift of health is Directly Proportional to hygiene and care. Enhance your life with the best of LG Health and Hygiene range of home appliances, LG PuriCareTM.

A Sip of Health

Restart Breathing

With revolutionary LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier
with stylish 360° design and purification

LG promises to always put health first and acknowledges that clean air and water are the ubiquitous necessities everyone should be able to enjoy. PuriCareTM from LG's Health and Hygiene range of home appliances like air purifiers and water purifiers caters to bring to you the best of nature's elements, without the grime and pollution that the present environment entails.

LG PuriCareTM Air Purifiers and LG PuriCareTM Water Purifiers arrive with a plethora of features, which adds towards a healthier living:

Design: The LG PuriCareTM products are aesthetically pleasant and sleek in their designs, making them a comfortable fit into your stylish home atmosphere.

Functionality:The powerful filtration of the LG PuriCareTM products efficiently reduces the harmful elements present in the air and water, guaranteeing that your home is safe and sterilized for your family members and making sure the air and water you consume are the purest.

Technology: With highly modern features like 360° Purification in the LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier and Mineral Booster Technology in the LG PuriCareTM Water Purifiers, the LG PuriCareTM range rises as the most technologically sound product range, freeing you from those doctor visits.

Health: LG PuriCareTM ensures that the pollution in the air and water stays far away from your home vicinity. Breathing on to the purest form of air and drinking the safest water possible, thanks to the LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier and LG PuriCareTM Water Purifiers immunizes you from many toxic microbes and keeps you from falling sick.