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Using your Magic Remote with Google TV

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  • Last Updated 07/20/2012


Your remote has 3 options for input

Pointing Mode - Uses a pointer on your display.

Qwerty Mode - Easily type with a keyboard.

Voice Mode - Speak commands and enter text with your voice.




Pointing Mode

Hold the remote in your had as you would a wand. Movement in any direction will display a pointer on your screen, allowing you to click and select items. This function is similar to using a mouse on a computer.

Qwerty Mode

Flipping the keyboard to the back gives access to a full keyboard. Any time you have the option to enter text on your TV flip your remote around and start typing.



Voice Mode

Holding the voice key will allow you to speak commands such as "go to web page". If entering text hold down the voice key and speak what you want to type.


The software version for the device displayed is the general representation of the Android device. Google is a trademark of Google Inc. Features and specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.


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