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"Like every artist I seek my canvas…wide like the horizon… A canvas wide enough to fit both my personalities."

Rohan Shrestha A Nomad Within…

A good photograph is often the knowledge of where to stand in order to get the right angle to capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

The camera sees the world differently than a human eye which is why a photograph comes more powerful than what you actually observe.

With a Camera there is no shadow (of a doubt) that can't be illuminated! Things are not always what it seems to be.

Shooting and Editing are very personal because each frame is a visual memory which needs little or no explanation.

Man behind the Camera…

An immersive story of a spiritual seeker, an artist and nomad who finds peace within, through his unorthodox keen eye; documenting the universe and its immaculate beauty. A pseudonym of Rohan Shrestha, best known for his Celebrity Photography. Experience the evolution of a photographer through his unpublished, fresh perspective.

Screen split Function

When you are working, you have to switch between multiple program windows and you cannot see all of them at once without shrinking the space. I found this feature “ 4 Screen Split” on LG’s 21:9 Ultrawide Monitor, with click of a button I can see 4 different programs at one time and the screen is so huge that each of the 4 programs are visible at the same time.

21:9 UltraWide®Curved WQHD

Needless to say, zooming in and out of the picture and shifting between windows while working makes matters worse. With this huge 21:9 Ultrawide Screen all is revealed and how you edit would be impossible if you do not see all the elements of your composition. Indeed its a #ProfessionalsChoice

Perfect Color Palette with sRGB Over 99% and QHD IPS Display

If your monitor is not properly calibrated, you are most likely not seeing everything in the image. For example, a smooth and beautiful sunset might appear as pale and gradient streaks of light or a black and white picture might appear too dark or too light. LG’s 21:9 Ultrawide Monitor is factory calibrated, but if you still feel the need to adjust the colors you can custom set them with the Black level adjustment, and the Color Management System.

Wide and Convenient to Embrace®TWO DEVICES ON ONE SCREEN

Often, I have to work on both my Mac & my Windows PC wasting time on compatibility issues and data transfers. With the LG Widescreen, I can now connect both my PC’s and my camera to the same monitor. Selecting the best pictures and then simply dragging them to either PC’s, on the same monitor, for editing, is more that what I could have asked for.

Discover the whole UltraWide World ®

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