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Noise 1



  Noise can occur when load is slanted to one side or the machine is not horizontally balanced.
  If same problem occurs when load is spread, check the washing machine is balanced.


How to Repair
 ① Balance the washing machine using height adjustment legs so that the bubble in the inclinometer is in the

 ② Supply water so that it reached the height of washing wings on the bottom of the tub. If water is inclined

      toward  a direction, use the height adjustment legs to level.
      ※ Height adjustment legs are located only in the front.



Slanted load 

 ① Does noise occurs sporadically based on the amount of type of laundry?

     This occurs due to imbalanced laundry. Evening laundry in the tube will also help spinning.
     When laundry is slanted to one side, this exerts weight to stop spinning or supply water and wash again
     during spinning. Check if the laundry is spread evenly.




 ① Is the washing machine installed on a firm and flat surface? (wooden floor, etc.)

     When the surface is not firm, vibration that occur during spinning may be amplified through the
     surface if it is not firm. Reinstall the washing machine on a firm surface.

 ② Is the surface slippery? (e.g. tiles)

     The washing machine may move during spinning on a slippery surface. Install the washing machine
     on a non-slippery surface or remove dust on the floor.




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