Inverter AC, 2 Ton, White Color, Energy Saving & Fast Cooling
  • DUAL Inverter Compressor™ With 10 Year Warranty
  • Pre-Filter​
  • Available in Jordan​
  • DUAL Inverter Compressor™
  • Simple and Slim Design
  • Active Energy Control (80%, 60%, 40%)


Inverter AC, 2 Ton, White Color, Energy Saving & Fast Cooling
It shows the carbon footprint certification label obtained for the wall-mounted split air conditioner of LG Electronics.


The carbon footprint of this product has been measured and certified by the CarbonTrust
The DUAL Inverter 10 Year Warranty logo.

10-Year Warranty

With a 10-year warranty on the compressor, it will keep performing at its best for longer.
*1 year parts and labor warranty, and additional 9 years extra warranty applicable on specific part only.
The TUV Rheinland logo.

Verified by TUV

LG inverter air conditioners(US-Q242K*) cools up to 40% more faster than LG non-inverter air conditioners(TS-H2465DAO). *Initial Temperature(Outdoor 35℃, Indoor 33℃), Setting Temperature(26℃).
The TUV Rheinland logo.

Verified by TUV

LG inverter air conditioners(US-Q242K*) saves up to 70% more energy than LG non-inverter air conditioners(TS-H2465DAO). *Initial Temperature(Outdoor 35℃, Indoor 33℃), Setting Temperature(26℃), Testing Time (8 Hours).
*According to LG internal test, LG DUAL Inverter air conditioner is less than 19dBA. (Model - V10API)
The TUV Rheinland logo.

Verified by TUV

TUV has verified that the New model has 42% higher cooling performance 4 years later compared to the conventional model(Test condition: T3 condition, New model: I23TTB 14FPI* wide louver, Conventional model : I23TTB 18FPI louver). *FPI(Fin Per Inch) : Quantity of fins in a inch (1inch = 2.54cm)
  • Half of the LG air conditioner can be seen installed on the wall with the front door open indicating it's on. A circle is around the air quality lights of the machine and a magnified circle is extened out to show the green lights of the air quality panel and the numbers to show the precise air quality. The DUAL Inverter logo can be seen on the machine.

    Easy-to-Monitor Energy Consumption

    The display keeps you informed so you can easily monitor and reduce energy consumption*. *Energy consumption during A/C operation.

  • A family sits on a couch in a living room with the LG air conditioner installed above them. Blue lines of air are coming out indicating the machine is on. In the foreground is the front of the remote control showing the buttons and temperature.

    Control 4 Levels of Energy Consumption

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  • The side view of the air conditioner can be seen on the wall. Two hands are reaching up, one holding a tool, showing the ease of installation.

    Quick and Easy Installation

    Enjoy cool air sooner with air conditioning that takes less time and effort to install.

  • A father and daughter sleep on a couch beneath an air conditioner that is blowing air out over them.

    A More Comfortable Sleeping Environment

    Experience the most comfortable sleeping environment with automatically adjusting functions*. *When the comfort sleep function is activated.

  • The LG fan that is outside of the house is shown with a dark lightning sky in the background. The LG Logo can be seen on the side of the engine.

    Safety Against Voltage Fluctuation

    No need to turn on the light to change mode of your air conditioner by applying GYRO sensor in the remote.

S4-W24KE3W3 S4-W24KE3W3
  • Capacity
    2 Ton
  • Dimension
    998 x 345 x 210
    Energy Saving
    Fast Cooling
  • Capacity
    2 Ton
  • Capacity Cooling (Min/Rated/Max)(kW)
    0.9 / 6.60 / 7.42
    Capacity Cooling (Min/Rated/Max)(Btu/h)
    3,071 / 22,520 / 25,318
  • Capacity Heating (Min/Rated/Max)(kW)
    0.9 / 7.50 / 8.64
    Capacity Heating (Min/Rated/Max)(Btu/h)
    3,071 / 25,591 / 29,481
  • Power Input Cooling (Min/Rated/Max)(W)
    210 / 2,275 / 2,500
    Power Input Heating (Min/Rated/Max)(W)
    240 / 2,308 / 2,750
  • Running Current Cooling (Min/Rated/Max)(A)
    1.40 / 10.10 / 14.00
    Running Current Heating (Min/Rated/Max)(A)
    1.40 / 10.10 / 14.00
  • EER (W/W)
    EER ((Btu/h)/W)
  • COP (W/W)
    COP ((Btu/h)/W)
  • Power Supply (Ø, V, Hz)
    1, 220~240, 50
    Available Voltage Range (V)
    187 ~ 276
  • Power Factor - Cooling (%)
    Power Factor - Heating (%)
  • Moisture Removal (l/h)
    Moisture Removal (pts/h)
  • Air Flow Rate(Indoor) - Cooling, Max / H / M / L(㎥/min)
    20.0 / 16.1 / 13.1 / 10.5
    Air Flow Rate(Indoor) - Heating, Max / H / M / L(㎥/min)
    20.5 / 18.5 / 15.0 / 11.0
  • Sound Pressure Level(Indoor) - Cooling, Max / H / M / L / SL(dB(A))
    50 / 47 / 42 / 34 / 31
    Sound Pressure Level(Indoor) - Heating, Max / H / M / L(dB(A))
    50 / 47 / 42 / 34
  • Dimensions (W × H × D)(Indoor) - Net(mm)
    998 x 345 x 210
    Dimensions (W × H × D)(Indoor) - Shipping(mm)
    1080 x 422 x 281
  • Operation Range(indoor) - Cooling(℃ DB)
    18 ~ 32
    Operation Range(indoor) - Heating(℃ DB)
    16 ~ 30
  • Circuit Breaker(A)
    Power Supply Cable(No. × ㎟)
    3 x 2.5
  • Power Supply to Unit(-)
    Refrigerant - Type
  • Refrigerant - Control
    Electronic Expansion Valve
    Defrost Method
    Reverse Cycle
  • Compressor - Type
    Dual Inverter Compressor
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