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  • Updated
  • 02/09/2013

The Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE offers a significant boost in cleaning performance, thanks largely to LG’s impressive Corner Master. Furthermore, the new robotic vacuum cleaner is also equipped with LG’s innovative smart technologies – Smart Control, Cleaning History, Smart Diagnosis™ and Software Update – allowing the consumer to remotely control the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE from any location with their smartphone.


“At the very outset of developing this innovative product, we came to the realization that consumer’s homes contain rectangular – not rounded – corners,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “So it made perfect sense to create a vacuum that took this into account. Thanks to the Corner Master, the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE makes cleaning the hard-to-reach places effortless. Moreover, users can now control and monitor their robotic vacuum cleaners simply from their smartphones.”


At this year’s IFA, the robotic vacuum cleaners will demonstrate their incredible maneuverability with a well-choreographed routine. The entertaining display of skill will be performed at select times throughout this year’s exhibition.



Quietly but Thoroughly at Work


LG’s Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE cleans effectively and efficiently thanks to Corner Master, which is comprised of two long brushes, corner detecting sensors and the cleaner’s unique shape. With its angular form, and newly designed brushes that have been extended by 1.5cm, the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE can remove dust and dirt from the tightest of corners. The corner detecting sensors enable the smart cleaner to pinpoint its exact location in the home, telling it when to turn or if it has reached the edge of a room.


Robotic cleaners typically employ a single camera. The advanced HOM-BOT SQUARE uses two improved Dual Eye 2.0™ cameras to initiate a smarter, faster and more efficient cleaning performance. Taking several images per second, the upper and lower cameras effectively scan ceilings, walls and floors, even in the dark. This information is then analyzed by the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE to generate better smart mapping. At the same time, multiple sensors detect all obstacles within a 180 degree field, taking a myriad of surface images for collision-free operation. The Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE also features a Learning Function, which enables it to recognize areas it has previously cleaned. This helps it to remember the positioning of objects and to sense when a space is already clean, minimizing unnecessary repetition.


An extremely low noise level of just 60dBA means the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE won’t distract the consumer when they’re watching TV, talking on the phone or reading a book. With a height of just 89mm, the unit’s slimmed-down profile enables it to maneuver around the home with ease, even under most items of furniture.


The LG Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE’s large capacity Easy-out Dust Bin makes cleaning more convenient as it requires less frequent emptying. Unlike other robotic vacuums, where the dust bin is located on the side, the Easy-out Dust Bin is positioned at the top of the cleaner for quick and hygienic removal. Larger and upgraded, the HEPA 11 filter is capable of separating dust particles from the air more thoroughly, and also helps to eliminate unpleasant odors from the home. Turbo Mode lets users manually adjust the cleaner to best match the characteristics of their flooring, while Smart Turbo Mode automatically detects the type of flooring and changes settings for optimal performance.


Smarter Lives with More Control


LG’s latest HOM-BOT SQUARE is also equipped with upgraded smart technology. For example, the Smart Control feature lets the consumers control the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE via smartphone, wherever they are in the house. This effectively does away with the need to manually push the cleaner’s start button, or to search the house looking for the remote control.


Furthermore, LG’s Cleaning History makes it simple for consumers to check the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE’s cleaning results. Not only this, through Map View, it’s possible to see which parts of the house the robotic device has cleaned so far, allowing consumers to decide whether it’s necessary to operate the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE again. Moreover, consumers can use their smartphones to easily set up cleaning schedules for LG’s advanced home product.


Users will also benefit from a host of other convenient features such as Voice Guidance, which includes over 90 voice alerts. LG’s Smart Diagnosis™ makes troubleshooting much easier, quickly alerting the consumer to any minor issues, such as problems with the vacuum’s sensors, and suggesting possible solutions. Additionally, the improved battery holds more charge, meaning owners of the LG Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE can enjoy extended periods of worry-free automated cleaning. The latest LG Smart HOM-BOT makes it also easy to update the cleaner’s existing software, or add new software, via smartphone.




Key Specifications for LG’s SMART HOM-BOT SQUARE:

ž   Corner Master

ž   Dual Eye 2.0™

ž   Easy-out Dust Bin

ž   Noise level of 60dBA

ž   HEPA 11 Filter

ž   Smart Turbo

ž   Learning Function

ž   Voice Guidance

ž   Long- lasting Battery

ž   Smart Control

ž   Cleaning History

ž   Smart Diagnosis™

ž   Software Update

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