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LG unwraps Pink and White 'Chocolate'

  • Updated
  • 05/10/2006

Global and regional digital leader LG Electronics has followed up the worldwide success of its award-winning 'Chocolate' mobile phone by launching two trendsetting versions - the cool White and attractive Pink 'Chocolate'.

The first Chocolate phone, from LG's 'Black Label' series, has sold more than one million units globally in just eight weeks since its launch in early May. The new handsets take Chocolate to new audiences, who seek stunning design and desirability combined with state-of-the-art technology as a distinctive expression of their personality.

'As the first handset under the 'Black Label' premium brand, Chocolate has been an amazing international phenomenon, smashing sales records in many countries,' explained K. W. Kim, President, LG Electronics, Middle East and Africa Operations. 'It is important to continue to develop the Chocolate family to build on this success and give it an even wider appeal.'

Having already won two European design awards (iF Design Award and reddot Design Award for its unique styling and user interface), the LG Chocolate Phone raises the bar on how mobile phones look and feel. The cool white and hot pink versions ooze modern style and chic while the unique design promises to be even more desirable.

Also known as the KG800, the Chocolate phone is one of the first mobile handsets to sport a touch keypad for its navigational controls. Sleek and visually stunning, the phone remains completely black until the touch-pad.

Once activated, the phone's signature design feature, its glowing red touch-sensitive icons, bring to life a 'hidden' full-colour screen that completes the phone's unique look and feel of minimalism with a modern twist.

Its onboard features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, 128MB memory, music player and Bluetooth. Battery life is an impressive 200 hours standby with 3hours 20 minutes talk time. The Pink and White 'Chocolate' handsets are identical to the original Black Chocolate phone in terms of features.

The phone is also environment-friendly, having gained certification from the European Union regarding its compliance with the Removal of Hazardous Substances legislation that came into effect across Europe this July.

To obtain the certification, LG Electronics improved a number of features on the Chocolate phone. Key buttons were coated with aluminum and tin. Other parts that had a possibility of containing hazardous substances were changed to non-toxic materials. LG also used lead-free solder cream to fix parts on the PWB (Printed Wired Board).

Kim maintains that regional availability of different Chocolate handsets reinforces LG's strategy of launching products that are targeted at specific markets. 'The Black Label Series gives LG a unique sales proposition both for mobile retailers and consumers, providing a highly-visible, extremely luxurious brand,' he states.

The new handsets are already enjoying significant success in South Korea. Kim adds: 'The launch of the new Pink and White 'Chocolate' will help LG establish itself as the number one manufacturer of design-focused mobile phones worldwide.'