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Glass Tray Issues) Not Moving

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  • Last Updated 27/07/2016

Glass Tray Issues) Not Moving


Glass Tray Issues


Will Not Move

 How to fix

Is there a heavy item on the tray?

Heavy items on the tray can prevent the tray from properly rotating. If the item on the tray is heavy, try to place something smaller in the unit to see if it will move then. If it does, it will be necessary to divide the food in to two containers to heat/cook in unit.

Is the tray positioned on the rotating ring properly?

Check the tray to make certain that it is positioned properly on the ring, or it will not move properly.

Is the rotating ring positioned
correctly? Is it damaged?

If the rotating ring is not positioned properly, it will not move. In turn, the glass tray will not move. If the rotating ring is damaged, it will be necessary to replace. Do not operate unit with damaged rotating ring.

Is there food debris in the rotating ring track?

Remove the glass tray and rotating ring and check for any food debris that could be stopping the rotating ring from turning. Remove any debris and attempt operation again.

Is the tray damaged?

If the tray is cracked or broken, do not use it. Replace the tray at once

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