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Control Panel Issues

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  • Last Updated 27/07/2016

Control Panel Issues


Control Panel Issues

 How to fix

Can the film over the control panel be removed?

Yes. The film over the control panel is there to protect it during shipping. It serves no functional purpose. It can be left on, but over time, using the control panel will cause it to start to “bubble”. At this time, it is best to remove it. It can be removed when first purchased. 

The buttons work, but the tone does not sound?

Refer to Owner’s Manual for specific model. Some units have the ability to turn off the beep tone that sounds when a button is pushed. If the customer wishes it on, follow instructions in the Owner’s Manual for specific model to turn the tone back on.

Do the buttons not respond when pressed?

1. Make certain that the child lock is not engaged. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for specific model. If unit has child lock, disengage this feature and attempt to operate control panel again. If this does not resolve, unplug the unit for 2-3 minutes. If reset does not work, service may be required.

2. Glass touch model need to dry condition.

Does display show incorrect time of day?

Refer to Owner’s Manual to set clock function. If power failure occurs, the time will be reset and will require the time to be entered again.

Control LOCKED appears on display.

The control has been locked.
->Press and hold Clear/Off for about 3 seconds to unlock the control.

If display shows a time counting down  but the oven is not cooking.

Check that door is firmly closed.
Check that timer was not started instead of a cooking function.

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