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  • Ge-update
  • 22/03/2010

Harnessing the power of OLED technology, LG releases a feather-light, 3.2mm-thick TV masterpiece with a whole new level of picture quality

SEOUL, March 22, 2010 - LG Electronics (LG), a major player in the global flat panel display and audio-video devices market, is proud to announce the launch of the EL9500, the widest OLED TV yet released onto the market. Coming in a sleek, wafer-thin set packed with superb features, the EL9500 marks a major leap in television technology, with a picture that has to be seen to be believed.

Using state-of-the-art OLED technology, the EL9500 dispenses with the backlights used on conventional LCD models in favor of a film of pixels that actually produce their own light. With no external sources of light influencing its output, the EL9500’s 15-inch screen can deliver perfect levels of black and a picture with up to 1.5 times greater Perceived Luminance than on a regular LCD TV. In addition, OLED technology ensures an even faster video refresh rate, a feature that, working in conjunction with 120Hz Live Scan, renders more dynamic pictures and all but eliminates blur from even the fastest sequences.

Accompanying this superlative picture is the EL9500’s equally remarkable sound quality. Through LG’s signature invisible speakers, the EL9500 pumps out sound sculpted by the Clear Voice II and SRS Trusurround XT technologies, for a truly immersive soundtrack.

“We have always paid extremely close attention to what our customers want, and based on those insights, we believe the time is perfect for the release of the EL9500,” said Simon Kang, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “Not only does the EL9500 take picture quality to new heights, it does so in a set that is one of the lightest and most adaptable LG has ever produced, making it possible to watch the TV almost anywhere.”

Just 3.2mm in depth, the EL9500 is ideal for wall mounting or just for slotting into any available space. Its 15-inch screen is even resistant to water, meaning consumers can enjoy the estimable pleasures of the EL9500 not just in their bedrooms or lounges, but also in the bathroom or kitchen.

Doing its bit to address environmental concerns, the EL9500 delivers a reduction in power consumption – using less electricity than standard LCD sets – is entirely free of lead and mercury, and generates far less e-waste than a regular-sized TV. In addition, a SIMPLINK HDMI interface lets consumers transmit content from other media devices right to their TV.